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Virtual Meeting Minutes 3/28/2012

Minutes, 2013 Conference Program Planning Committee Virtual Meeting

March 28, 2012

Members present: Jennifer MacDonald (co-chair), Beth Kilmarx, Alexander Johnson, David Faulds, Mark Greenberg, Christina George, Derek Mosely, Rebecca Fenning,and  Randy Olsen
Members excused: Athena Jackson (co-chair) and Nancy Poole

This virtual meeting was called to begin a discussion on program topics as soon as possible, as our deadline for submission is May 1, 2012. Due to a few technical difficulties and scheduling the meeting time, our announcement to the RBMS community was abbreviated. Therefore, we welcome all to comment and offer any feedback on the current status of our committee. That said, we are delighted to share the discussion highlights and how we hope to offer an engaging and broadly-focused topic that will incline our ALA colleagues to attend.

Program Working Title

History on Fire!

How Libraries Mitigate Loss of the Cultural Record Due to Disaster or Destruction

Inspired by the our local host’s town, Chicago, we decided to think about its history vis-a-vis libraries/special collections. This program will discuss loss of rare materials (textual and cultural heritage objects) that has occurred in our libraries. The speakers we will target will touch upon issues of this loss across the United States. Fires, severe storms, and other destructive events have taken their toll on our physical holdings of the historical record all across the country. Beyond disaster preparedness, how do we as stewards of these materials mitigate this loss after it happens? How do we attempt to fill in the gaps, inform and update our users, and more practically: work with our insurance companies to make certain we are able to rebuild (as much as we can) what was lost?

We divided our group into subcommittees to efficiently meet the needs of the committee.
Proposal writing: Jennifer, Athena, Alex
Targeting Speakers: Jennifer, Mark, Christina, Randy
Help identify and recruit speakers for our event.
Co-sponsorship: Athena, Derek, David
Help identify and recruit co-sponsors for our event from affinity ALA groups.
Publicity and Event Preparation: Athena, Beth, Becky
Help with the tangibles and intangibles vis-a-vis event preparation and publicity

We welcome your comments, ideas, and questions. Please note, with a May 1st deadline, we are working as quickly as we can to solidify our proposal. All of our materials will be available for your review on ALA Connect in the coming days.
Respectfully submitted by,
Athena N. Jackson (co-chair)