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Hacking Library School

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Description: The Hack Library School Blog is for, by, and about library school students. Our guiding philosophy is based on the principle of crowd-sourcing information. We seek to create a collaborative environment where other library school students can come together and share information with one another to enrich their education. We hope to bring the virtual discussion to ALA and get people talking.

This conversation starter seeks to bring together students and professionals to talk about issues pertaining to our education and our field. It will be a moderated conversation with guiding questions such as: what aspects of library school curriculum prepare you for the job? What emerging technologies enrich your education? How do you “hack” library school? Hack Library School is about being the change that you want to see. What would you change?

Library school students, new and seasoned professionals are welcome and encouraged to attend and share information.

Presenter(s): Annie Pho, Co-managing Editor of Hack Library School Blog and Reference and Instruction Librarian, Ivy Tech Community College

Format: Facilitated discussion

Target audience: Library Information Science Students and New Professionals.

Types of libraries:

  • Academic
  • Library School
  • Public
  • Seeking Employment
  • Special
  • Student


  • Library School Education
  • New ALA Members
  • Partnerships
  • Professional Development
  • Social Media & Networks

Additional comments: Although, we have had HLS Social Gatherings for ALA conferences, this would be our first conference facilitated discussion.