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CMS Planning Committee 2012 Midwinter minutes

1.  CMS no longer has a programming committee. One challenge will be to see if the section can manage without one.   As an alternative to a standing committee, ad hoc programming committees could be commissioned to develop formal program ideas advanced by section members.  The CMS Forum at Midwinter  provides a means to address current topics, as does  the Emerging Research session at Annual. 

2.  Planning needs to continue to further develop an evaluation plan for CMS interest groups (IGs).  The evaluation is tentatively planned for 2013, at which point all the groups will have existed  for some time.

3.  While we have liaisons set up for the four pre-existing IGs, the response has not always been up to expectation.  Not all IGs feel inclined to share information.  Planning will also take on liaison to the three new IGs when the Transition Advisory Committee (TAC) disbands.

4.  The Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner IG was without a leader for the Dallas Midwinter Meeting.  Christine Dulaney volunteered to lead the IG in Dallas.  There was a good attendance; Christine entertained topics from the floor.  Two attendees expressed an interest in leading the IG in the future.

5.  There was expressed a concern that CMS better coordinate with RUSA/CODES. 


Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Lambert

CMS Planning Chair