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Thanks for being a part of this group! Our hope is to use the shared LITA IG space at annual to have an informal discussion about what our interests are and what direction we'd like the group to take, and start getting ideas for planning future sessions. We will post more details about the meeting when we have them, hope to see you there!

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I believe I have heard the word Technolust and that seemed to stick with me. While I am a huge fan and love to investigate Instruction Technology, I do often wonder, A. Will this (particular program) end up going away? B. How can I ever keep up with all the new things? I don't believe any of this will stop me from trying and exploring, but I did want to touch up the sheer impossibility of keeping up with every new thing out there. Your mind would simply explode. I suppose having groups like this to dicuss and share is half the battle. 


I am glad to be here. That's my 2cents for now. 



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I'm glad to see this interest group here. Some of my colleagues were just talking last week about the value of something like this could have at our own institution.

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