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ALA midwinter meeting minutes

ALA 2012 mid-winter meeting minutes of the AASL/ACRL  Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy Jan. 22, 2012

Present: Scott Mandermack, Lesley Farmer, Polly Boruff-Jones, Kathyanne Dobda, Ann Riley, Linda Roberts,  Annemarie Roscello, Ken Stewart

The meeting was convened at 1:30pm by Lesley Farmer. The agenda and minutes were approved as read. The charge of the committee was reviewed.

1. 2012 conference program. Lesley has orchestrated and finalized the program. Four California panelists (high school librarian, school board member, university librarian, library educator) will do a Q&A about preparing college-ready 21st century learners via integrated information literacy. Annemarie will create a flyer about the session.

2. 2013 conference program planning. The committee decided on “Meeting of the Information Literacy Minds: Common Core and General Education Standards.” The session will focus on info lit standards that are embedded in common core and GE requirements. Ken Stewart has been doing work in this area, and is willing to work on the conference. Lesley will handle the program submission.

3. listserv update. The committee decided that both the ACRL and AASL info lit listservs can co-exist. Both listservs need new moderators. ACRL has already put out a call for one, and Scott will craft a call using the ACRL model for AASL.

4. Common Core standards update.  46 states have adopted the Common Core standards, and several states will have implemented them by spring 2014. Crosswalks for CCS and AASL’s learning standards are available at http://www.ala.org/aasl/guidelinesandstandards/commoncorecrosswalk.

5. Toolkit and other documents. Lesley developed a wiki for the committee Info Lit Toolkit, which focuses on ways that K12 and post-secondary librarians can work together to articulate and advance info lit: http://aaslacrlinfolittoolkit.wikispaces.com/. Committee members should contribute to the wiki now and continuously. The following ACRL wiki was noted: http://wikis.ala.org/acrl/index.php/Information_literacy_in_the_disciplines  The committee toolkit could eventually be placed under wikis.ala.org, but for right now it is fine where it is.

6. ALA/ACRL/EBSS update. The ACRL restructuring does not impact the committee significantly. It would be good if the various liaisons would keep an eye on information literacy, and mention it in their work.

7. Other. The committee talked briefly about the Washington Office’s efforts relative to SOPA and PIPA. The issue of ethics and intellectual property is another area for the Info Lit committee to consider. Lesley mentioned her new book Instructional design for librarians and information professionals (Neal-Schuman, 2011).

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20pm. 

Respectfully submitted, Lesley Farmer

Linda Roberts's picture

A correction in the attendance is that Allison Cline, our AASL Staff Liaison, was not in attendance as she had a conflict.  Also, I will soon be getting back to you with the information discussed.



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thanks, Linda -- I thought she popped in for a few minutes at the end;
what WAS that???
ALA Connect wrote:

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I know Ann Riley came near the end.  Then there were two young ladies who popped in but I didn't get their names!  Wish I could help more!