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Agenda Midwinter 2012, Sunday, Jan. 22, 10:30-12

The LITA/ALCTS Linked Library Data Interest Group (LLD-IG) will be meeting from 10:30-12 on Sunday, January 22 in the Lone Star Ballroom C2 of the Sheraton Dallas.

We're hoping for a visit from Jon Voss, founder and organizer of the LOD-LAM movement, for a presentation on the current state of LOD-LAM. This will be followed on by other updates and reports on Linked Data activities. We can also make time for a limited number of lightning talk style presentations of no longer than 5 minutes if you have projects or topics that you'd like to share. If you'd like to give a brief talk, please contact the interest group chairs. The remainder of the morning will be a business meeting, including updates from sub-groups formed at Annual in New Orleans, and planning for the Annaheim Preconference. 

Additionally, we are looking for volunteers to replace Karen Coyle & Corey Harper as co-chairs, or volunteers for a new chair and chair-elect. The current chairs intend to stay involved in the group, but feel that after one year of informal meetings and a year of formal existence, it's time for new leadership. Please contact the interest group chairs if you'd like to consider stepping into this leadership role.


  1. Updates / Reports on other LOD-LAM / LLD Activities / Lightning Talks (All)     
    • Coders & Catalogers CURATEcamp at DLF2011 (Corey)
  2. Discussion of BibFrame activities & Dublin Core Architecture Work (Corey / Karen)
  3. Updates on sub-groups formed at Annual
    • Use-cases
    • Prototyping
  4. LLD Resources Wiki / Connect Page (Laura A.)
  5. Planning for Annaheim Preconference (Debora S.)

Minutes of the New Orleans meeting are available at: http://connect.ala.org/node/164892. Minutes of previous "informal" LLD-IG meetings from ALA-2010 in Washington DC, Dublin Core 2010 in Pittsburgh, and ALA-MW-2011 in SanDiego are online at: http://wikis.ala.org/lita/index.php/Linkeddata