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Scholarly Communications Interest Group

Saturday, January 21, 2012
10:30 am to 12:00 pm, US/Central

Meeting of the ALCTS Scholaraly Communications Interest Group for discussion

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Please join the ALCTS Scholarly Communications IG for a lively discussion on Identifiers, Citation, and Linked Open Data as Part of the Scholarly Communications System: New Developments and New Developments from Old Work

Identifiers and the ability to reliably cite are key pieces of the underlying infrastructure for the scholarly communications system.With the growing importance of research data as a discoverable and citable piece of the scholarly record, two gaps exist. There has been no means for citing data, and no method for retrieving data from the historical scientific record. Efforts such as DataCite and EZID are addressing the first of these challenges, and the Smithsonian Library and the Biodiversity Heritage Library are looking towards the use of linked data to approach the second.

Join Joan Starr, EZID Service Manager and Manager of Strategic and Project Planning at the California Digital Library, Suzanne Pilsk, Metadata Librarian at the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, and Chris Freeland, Technical Director of the Biodiversity Heritage Library and Director of the Center for Biodiversity Informatics at the Missouri Botanical Garden as they present on these new developments and speculate on what the future scholarly record might look like.

If there is any time available at the end of the session, the IG will have an opportunity to discuss their responses to the RFIs for Public Access to Peer Reviewed Scholarly Publications and Digital Data Resulting from Federally Funded Research as well as responses to the Research Works Act.

Saturday January 21st
Dallas Convention Center D221