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Standards Interest Group

Saturday, January 21, 2012
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, US/Central
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Have you ever wondered how standards are developed?  Do you have ideas that you think would improve workflows and processes inside your organization?  Would you like to get these ideas in front of vendors and software developers so that they can be implemented in the products that you use to do your job every day?

Agenda for the Meeting
- LITA-SIG Business
- NISO Overview
- Participate! Brainstorm current "hot topics," trends, and issues that affect the workplace
- Open discussion based on feedback from brainstorm
- Small group discussion of select individual topics IF interest and time

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we invite you to participate in a session at ALA Midwinter 2012 co-hosted by the LITA Standards Interest Group and NISO.  In this session, NISO representatives will explain how standards are developed as well as what other deliverables (like Recommended Practices) NISO working groups produce.  Following that presentation, an open forum will be held to give participants a chance to identify and discuss pressing issues they face in their workplaces and how new standards might help streamline their operations.  The organizers of this session hope to walk away with new ideas for potential NISO work items around which working groups can be formed and real progress can be made.

Can’t make it? The discussion continues on the LITA Standards Interest Group list (lita-stand@ala.org) and ALA Connect community. The listserv is open, and you may subscribe at http://lists.ala.org/wws/info/lita-stand.  Please include your name and the name of your organization.