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2011-2012 Work Plan

Attached is our work plan for 2011-2012.

Thanks to everyone who provided input!


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Hello!  I just want to let you know that I am out here in the virtual space for this committee.   It is a privilege to be able to provide support to the Ethics committee, a workplace issue for which I have a great interest.    Like you, I have been a member of several ALA and ACRL committees and I recall the challenges associated with turnover.  This committee is strengthened due to the fact that Rebecca has some time on the job, so to speak.  That continuity is an asset to the committee as is the experience other committee members.  Anything that I can do to advance your efforts and the great Work Plan you've developed for the year...please let me know.


Loretta Parham

CEO & Director, Atlanta University Center Woodruff Library

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Hi Loretta, we are excited to have you as our Board Liaison! We'll be in touch.



Rebecca Blakiston
User Experience Librarian
University of Arizona Libraries