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Policy & Planning 2011 Annual minutes

CDMS Policy and Planning Committee

New Orleans, June 26, 2011

 Present:  Dennis Lambert (chair), Christine Dulaney (member), Xudong Jin (member), Debra West (member), Kathy Tezla (CMDS past-chair), Ginger Williams (CMDS chair), Tom Diamond (incoming member), Raik Zaghoul (incoming member )


  • ALCTS appointed two new editors: (1) Alice Platt, So. New Hampshire U., will be the new ALCTS Newsletter Online (ANO) editor, and (2) Jeanne Drewes, Library of Congress, will be the new ALCTS paper series editor.
  • The ALA2012 Nominating Committee is seeking nominees to run for ALA Council and for President-elect.
  • Charles Wilt has circulated new schedules for ALA Annual and Midwinter that are intended to reduce conflicts and eliminate having to assign time slots for each meeting.
  • IFLA Acquisitions and Collection Development Section extended an invitation to a satellite conference in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Aug. 10-11.  (From Julia Gelfand)

1.  Interest Group (IG) coordination and evaluation.

Our committee needs to monitor IG topics discussed, and determine who the leaders are.  We also need to keep in touch with Dale Swensen, BYU Law, the ALCTS IG Coordinator through 2013 to share information and not duplicate effort.

Dennis found very little on the CMDS IGs was submitted to ALCTS Newsletter issues in the first half of 2011.  Dale Swensen also had discovered little.  (A list of present and future IGs, and plans for the meeting in New Orleans are appended to these minutes.  It has been revised slightly from the version distributed for this meeting.)

 In the future, our committee needs to evaluate IGs.  First, we need to let them operate for awhile.  Such an evaluation might ask am IG the following:

  • Does the IG meet?  Face-to-face or virtual?  Midwinter, Annual, or both?
  • What is the attendance?
  • How do you plan?
  • How is the IG working?
  • Is the IG worthwhile?

Several members expressed an interest in being the contact with particular IGs.   Members can attend an IG meeting or e-mail/phone to keep in touch with IG leaders.

  • Collection Development of Academic Libraries IG – Debra West
  • Collection Evaluation and Assessment IG – Tom Diamond
  • Collection Management of Electronic Resources IG – Christine Dulaney

There is now a Transition Committee, chaired by Joshua Barton.

2.  Committee evaluation.

Similarly, this committee will need to evaluate the remaining committees in this section.  Again, we should let the committees operate for awhile before attempting evaluation.  Such evaluations would consist largely of checking that committees do what needs to be done.

This committee needs to self-assess our own charge, to determine if it is relevant given all the changes in the section.

3.  Strategic planning and section goals.

There is a new ALCTS strategic plan, which has apparently been approved.  The draft dated June 15, 2011, includes a goal (II) that is particularly relevant to our committee: “Improving how we operate.”

Dennis will check with Li Ma regarding actions at ALCTS Planning Committee.

4.  Issues and trends.

Part of our charge suggests that we consider issues and trends in collection management.  The committee came up with these topics:

  • E-books
  • E-books and patron-driven acquisitions.
  • Space issues, storage, and weeding.
  • What to do with retrospective collections?
  • Staffing for collection management in the virtual environment.
  • What is the skill set needed today?
  • What should selectors and coordinators do?
  • Quality control when you lease.
  • Economics: budget cuts and rising costs push us to cooperate more.
  • Cooperative collection evelopment.
  • Consortial purchasing.
  • Assessment
  • Big and small deals for periodicals
  • Local digital libraries
  • Institutional repositories & privacy concerns.
  • Data sets and notes of researchers in repositories.
  • Integration of repositories.

Our new name:  CMS Planning Committee.

Submitted by: Dennis Lambert 7/6/11




Current CMDS IGs for ALA in New Orleans (2011)


1. Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner IG

CMS name: Collection Management for Selectors IG

Shin Freedman


meeting on Sun., 6/26/11, 1:30-3:30, Embassy Suites N. O. Conv Ctr – Jean Lafitte 3

Announcement: It’s no secret that the E-books trend is here to stay and that E-books will be an increasingly important source of content for students, faculty and for our library community.  Are you curious about where the current practice stands on E-Books?  If your library is an early adopter of E-books, come and share your experience with us.  If you’re still thinking about it, here’s an opportunity to get to know our colleagues’ concerns.  We will discuss issues deeply affecting us – PDA, outreach, policy and workflow change, and e-reader use. 

Please come and share your experience, strategies and solutions for the issues that have occupied our thoughts.

 2. Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries IG

CMS name: Collection Management in Academic Libraries IG

Jared Ingersoll


meeting on Sat., 6/25/11, 4-5:30, Conv Ctr Rm 353

“Out of Sight, and on Our Minds: Recent developments in shared storage”


David Magier, Associate University Librarian for Collection Development, Princeton University & Judith Russell, Dean of Libraries, University of Florida

Space for library collections has been a topic of increasing concern in academic libraries. With shelf-space steady or shrinking in most libraries, local collections continue to grow. Despite the rapid growth of electronic access to library collections, physical collections continue to be demanded and valued by students and researchers. Offsite storage facilities have proliferated in the past two decades, relieving pressure on campus library space efficiently, effectively, and providing enhanced security to materials.  Though not without their critics, they are here to stay.

Increasingly, libraries are extending the idea of remote storage into cooperative endeavors aimed at making the best use of these resources. Our speakers will present recent developments in shared storage at ReCAP (a consortium of Columbia, Princeton and NYPL) and by members of the Association of Southeast Research Libraries.

3. Collection Management in Public Libraries IG

CMS name: no change

Bleue J. Benton


meeting on Mon., 6/27/11, 1:30-3:30, Conv Ctr Rm 287

(this IG is joint with RUSA CODES)

4. Collection Development Officers of Large Research Libraries IG

CMS name: no change

Dr. David Magier


meeting on Sat., 6/25/11, 8-Noon,  Hilton New Orleans Riverside – Grand Salon B

5. Collection Assessment Committee – petition submitted and approved

CML name: Collection Evaluation and Assessment IG

Tom Diamond (chair through 2011) and committee serve as transition committee


6. Collection Development & Electronic Resources Committee – petition submitted and approved

CML name: Collection Management and Electronic Resources IG

Brian Quinn (chair through 2011) and committee serve as transition committee


7. Administration of Collection Development Committee – Cynthia Shirkey and others submitted a petition at this annual conference to become an IG.  [Approved at the later Executive Committee meeting.]