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2011 Annual Presentations

Please join the Digital Preservation Interest Group for a series of presentations on digital preservation systems at ALA Annual 2011 in New Orleans.  The presentations will be followed by Q&A with our speakers and a brief business meeting to elect a new Interest Group co-chair.

It's all Geek to Me: Demystifying Digital Preservation Systems

Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time:  8am-10am

Location:  Morial Convention Center, room 342

Distributed, hosted, and cloud storage are now viable options to incorporate into our digital preservation management systems.  But when we hand over our data to a third party, we don’t necessarily have a clear understanding of what preservation actions are performed on it, how and where our content is replicated, and whether these storage systems are OAIS compliant. Representatives from Amazon, Chronopolis, DuraSpace, and OCLC will address these issues (and more!), and Peter Van Garderen will kick the session off with an introduction to Archivematica, a “comprehensive digital preservation system,” that can interoperate with any of these storage services.


  • Read Maloney, Product Manager at Amazon Web Services

  • David Minor, Digital Preservation Librarian at UCSD, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD. Chronopolis project manager

  • Carissa Smith, DuraCloud Partner Specialist

  • Taylor Surface, OCLC Global Product Manager

  • Peter Van Garderen, President/Systems Archivist, Artefactual Systems, Inc.