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DttP v.39:no.2 (Summer 2011)

The next issue of DttP will soon be coming to your mailboxes - it is also attached to this message.  The issue includes something for everyone, whether you're planning some K-12 outreach, a digitization project, or even a summer vacation! 

And just a reminder, we have TechWatch and Washington Reports available on the wiki at http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/DttP_Columns

If you have comments, ideas or submissions for future articles or columns, please send them to dttp.editor@gmail.com


Valerie and Beth



   4   Editor's Corner — Beth Clausen and Valerie Glenn

   6   Get to Know…Sarah Erekson — Julia Stewart

   7   Federal Documents Focus — Rebecca Hyde and Lucia Orlando

   9   State and Local Documents Spotlight — Barbara Miller

10   By the Numbers — Stephen Woods


14   Marketing Government Information Resources to the K–12 Community

Mark Love

18   Government Resources for Kids—the Gov Doc Kids Group in the FDLP Community: Rationale and Strategies

Tom Adamich and Martha Childers

23   Availability and Location of Web-based Government Information Instructional Resources at Academic Federal Depository Library Websites

Meredith Johnston

29   Utilizing Needs and Offers Lists to Complete Mass Digitization Projects: Strategies, Workflows, and Collaborative Opportunities

 Starr Hoffman


36   Democracy, Liberty, and Property: The State Constitutional Conventions of the 1820s
Robert Pruter

 ‘Round the Table

38   The Interview: Kirsten Clark, Incoming GODORT Chair

 40   Index to Advertisers

DttP_39n2_web.pdf4.31 MB