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Dear DCIG Members,

As you may have heard at business meetings or from interest group minute, the Digital Interest Group is applying to be an ACRL section. We’re hoping for this change to take place in the summer of 2017. There will be lots of opportunities for service and exciting developments. Also, it is no longer necessary to pay for separate section memberships from ACRL, so you can maintain membership in the group without any additional dues besides basic ACRL membership dues.


If you are heading to ALA Midwinter 2015 please consider joining us on Sunday, February 1, 2015, from 1:00pm-2:30pm (US/Central) for the DCIG ALA Midwinter meeting.  The meeting will be held in McCormick Place West in MCP W176c

We are pleased to have Liz Bishoff, principal consultant for The Bishoff Group--a library and cultural heritage organization consulting services organization--to present "Managing Digital Collections: Report of IR/DR Activity among non-ARL Academic Libraries"

A description of her presentation: “In a 2014 survey, non-ARL libraries were asked about the status of their IR/DR implementation…The survey reports on…benefits of an IR/DR, identifies… software used to support an IR/DR and explores…preservation plans…used to support long term access.” 

Edit (2/16/2014): The PDF slides from Liz Bishoff's presentation can be downloaded below.

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ACRL Digital Curation Interest Group (Association of College & Research Libraries)

To provide a forum and foster support in the exploration, adaptation, and implementation of emerging digital curation services, technologies, and infrastructures. To sponsor discussions or programs that share how libraries are working to meet the needs of curating a variety of content in digital form. To inform and educate librarians on digital curation trends and new technologies. To collaborate with other organizations within the library profession and academe on issues concerning digital curation.

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2015-2016 ACRL DCIG Leadership

Suzanna Conrad, Convener, DCIG

Rene Tanner, Convener elect, DCIG

Brianna Marshall, Recorder, DCIG

Megan Toups, Past Convener, DCIG


2014-2015 ACRL DCIG Leadership

Megan Toups, Convener, DCIG

Suzanna Conrad, Convener elect, DCIG

Rene Tanner, Recorder, DCIG

Yasmeen Shorish, Past Convener, DCIG


2013-2014 ACRL DCIG Leadership

Yasmeen Shorish, Convener, DCIG

Megan Toups, Convener elect, DCIG

Suzanna Conrad, Recorder, DCIG

Patricia Hswe, Past Convener & Co-founder, DCIG


2012-2013 ACRL DCIG Leadership

Patricia Hswe, Convener & Co-founder, DCIG

Yasmeen Shorish, Convener elect, DCIG

Megan Toups, Recorder, DCIG

Marisa Ramirez, Past Convener & Co-founder, DCIG


2011-2012 ACRL DCIG Leadership

Marisa Ramirez, Convener & Co-founder, DCIG

Patricia Hswe, Convener-elect & Co-founder, DCIG

Yasmeen Shorish, Recorder, DCIG

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