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Materials: See attached PDF for presentation slides. See for links to tools mentioned in the presentation.  

Location: LVCC-N236 (Las Vegas Convention Center)

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Discussion Reminder: ACRL offering online course on data management plans

by Chase Ollis (staff) on Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 08:52 am

Registration is available for the upcoming ACRL e-Learning online course, “What You Need to Know about Writing Data Management Plans.” The course will be offered July 14-August 1, 2014.

Registration is available for the upcoming ACRL e-Learning online course, “What You Need to Know about Writing Data Management Plans.” The course will be offered July 14-August 1, 2014.

Demand for data management plan consultants is growing as more granting agencies add this requirement. Most presentations concerning data management do not provide practical advice on how to consult with researchers writing a data management plan for grant submission. This course teaches you about the elements of a successful data management plan, and provides practice critiquing data management plans in a supportive learning environment where no grant funding is at stake. Join two experienced data management plan consultants with experience in liaison librarianship and information technology as they demonstrate how all librarians have the ability to successfully consult on data management plans. Examine how data and metadata are defined, open data formats, dark archives, and secure repositories as well as addressing specialty concerns. Each week requires approximately 3-5 hours of primarily asynchronous activities including assigned readings, written lecture, discussion questions, weekly assignments, and live chats with the instructors.

Presenters: Dee Ann Allison, Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kiyomi Deards, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Complete details including registration materials are available online. Contact or call 312-280-2522 with questions.


Event ALA Annual: Data Curation You Can Taste: Improving Crowd-Sourced Data from the New York Public Library's Menu Transcription Project

by Yasmeen Shorish on Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 09:59 am

Materials: See attached PDF for presentation slides. See for links to tools mentioned in the presentation.  

Location: LVCC-N236 (Las Vegas Convention Center)

Materials: See attached PDF for presentation slides. See for links to tools mentioned in the presentation.  

Location: LVCC-N236 (Las Vegas Convention Center)

Presenters: Trevor Muñoz (Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities Research, University of Maryland Libraries; Associate Director, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities) and Lydia Zvyagintseva  (MA/MLIS Candidate, University of Alberta, Edmonton) 

Abstract: The New York Public Library's What's On the Menu? project—a crowdsourced effort to transcribe historic menus from the Library's collections—is one of the most successful public digital humanities projects of recent years. In this presentation, Lydia Zvyagintseva will describe her experience trying to clean up, classify, and describe data from What’s on the Menu? in the context of an internship project at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH). Trevor Muñoz will describe why the Menus data set is an ideal site for practical data curation training. Muñoz will also describe new work on the project.

Twitter hashtag: #ala2014dcig

Stick around after the presentation for the DCIG business meeting. We will announce the new Executive Committee and discuss plans for the next year. Please join us!

Add this to your ALA Scheduler: 



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by Megan Toups on Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 03:54 pm

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ACRL Digital Curation Interest Group (Association of College & Research Libraries)

To provide a forum and foster support in the exploration, adaptation, and implementation of emerging digital curation services, technologies, and infrastructures. To sponsor discussions or programs that share how libraries are working to meet the needs of curating a variety of content in digital form. To inform and educate librarians on digital curation trends and new technologies. To collaborate with other organizations within the library profession and academe on issues concerning digital curation.

Get Involved!


ALA Annual 2012
Our first f2f meeting is scheduled for ALA Annual in Anaheim on June 23rd, Saturday, 10:30a - 12 noon at HYATT-Grand Ballroom E

Our business meeting will feature the following talks. Following these talks, we will be seeking suggestions for topics to cover at future events and volunteers to present on them. Please contact  Patrica Hswe ( Yasmeen Shorish (  or Megan Toups ( if you would like to assist in organizing these events for 2012-2013.


Databib: An Online Bibliography of Research Data Repositories by Michael Witt, Research Librarian & Assistant Professor, Purdue University, Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2)

Presentation slides can be found here.

A number of academic and research libraries are beginning to take a more active role in research data curation on their campuses, applying library science principles to help address the data deluge.  An expanded role for research libraries in digital data stewardship was forecasted by an ARL workshop report to the NSF in 2006.  This forecast was substantiated in August 2010 by a survey of 57 ARL libraries, of which 21 libraries reported that they currently provide infrastructure or support services for e-Science, and an additional 23 libraries are in planning stages.

These services encompass a wide range of activities such as helping researchers formulate funder-required data plans, adapting library practice to help organize and describe research datasets, developing data collections and data repositories, and digital preservation.  Some librarians are adapting instruction and reference approaches to directly address data needs, for example, by offering data literacy and data reference—helping patrons find data and integrate it into their learning, teaching, and research.

Librarians are in a good position to provide these services; unfortunately, there is currently no framework in place to support the organization and discovery of data repositories.  Many funding agencies are requiring their sponsored researchers to submit their data to repositories without giving further instructions to them. What repositories are appropriate for a researcher to submit his or her data to?  How do potential users find appropriate data repositories and discover datasets that meet their needs?  How can librarians help patrons who are looking for data find and integrate it into the patrons’ research, learning, or teaching?

To help meet these needs, the Institute of Library and Museum Services awarded a Sparks! Innovation Grant to the Purdue and Penn State Universities to develop an online, community-driven, annotated bibliography of research data repositories.  This tool, called Databib (, seeks to become an important resource to data librarians, users, producers, and funders.  The Databib platform attempts to challenge the traditional concept of a bibliography by employing the latest technologies to instantiate bibliographic content and integrate it in Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0 environments.

An introduction and demonstration of Databib will be followed by time for questions and discussion.


Collaborative Approaches to Digital Curation by Jared Lyle (ICPSR, University of Michigan), Libbie Stephenson (Director, UCLA Social Science Data Archive) and Ron Nakao (Data Specialist, Stanford Libraries)

Presentation Materials (slides in PDF): Jared Lyle - Collaborative Data Curation @ICPSR; Ron Nakao - Collaborative Approaches to Digital Curation; Libbie Stephenson - Collaborative Approaches to Digital Curation (slides)

We will present our experiences working in and collaborating among large, small, and "one-man" shops to curate and preserve data.  Recent partnerships have increased the collaborative nature of curation and preservation, especially for 'lone' archivists and librarians.  This is promising, as small and "one-man" shops can readily take advantage of existing tools and resources without having to rely as heavily on bigger or more established partners to do the majority of the work.  The partnership is equally rewarding for large or established archives, as more data can be archived, and at a higher quality.

Ron Nakao will discuss his experiences as a data librarian and technology specialist at Stanford to help faculty prepare for and archive data, including depositing data at a local repository and at ICPSR.

Libbie Stephenson will discuss her experiences at the UCLA Social Science Data Archive to tailor a customized curation workflow (using Dataverse, Colectica, Data-PASS, etc.) to increase usability and better insure preservation.

Jared Lyle will discuss ICPSR's recent efforts to team with repository managers and librarians to self-curate data.

Want to know more about related interest group business meetings at ALA Annual?

This year, the Digital Curation Interest Group (ACRL), Digital Conversion Interest Group (ALCTS PARS), Intellectual Access to Preservation Metadata Interest Group (ALCTS PARS), and Digital Preservation Interest Group (ALCTS PARS) collaboratively planned business meetings for 2012 ALA Annual in Anaheim, CA. All their business meetings occur in the same hotel. Download the Collaborative Interest Group Business Meeting Schedule.

2012-2013 ACRL DCIG Leadership

Patricia Hswe, Convener & Co-founder, DCIG

Yasmeen Shorish, Convener elect, DCIG

Megan Toups, Recorder, DCIG

Marisa Ramirez, Past Convener & Co-founder, DCIG


2011-2012 ACRL DCIG Leadership

Marisa Ramirez, Convener & Co-founder, DCIG

Patricia Hswe, Convener-elect & Co-founder, DCIG

Yasmeen Shorish, Recorder, DCIG

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