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ALCTS Tech Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group Midwinter 2011

The ALCTS Technical Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group presents the following Midwinter program:
Outsourcing Practices in Technical Services
Monday, January 10, 2011, 1:30pm - 3:30 pm
San Diego Convention Center - SDCC Room 30 A
While not a new trend, the outsourcing of technical services work is an increasingly ubiquitous presence in library operations and the management of resources. Many libraries are contracting out to vendors or external organizations as a solution to budget limitations, shrinking staff levels, and shifting priorities. Common areas of outsourcing include cataloging, digitization, and selection. Today, we refer to services like shelf-ready, patron-driven acquisitions, and the Google Books project. Our panel will share aspects of their library's outsourcing profile, costs, benefits, comparative service quality, and assessment tools.
Please join us for a lively session. Our panelists are:
Judy Garrison
Head of Electronic Acquisitions & Serials Control, University of Texas, San Antonio
Ann Miller
Head, Metadata Services and Digital Projects, University of Oregon
Lynette Schurdevin
Library Administrator, Thomas Branigan Public Library (New Mexico)
For more information, please contact co-chairs Dracine Hodges (hodges.368@osu.edu) or Megan Dazey (megan.dazey@mso.umt.edu)