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Discussion Dilemmas that occur

by Diane Chen on Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 12:39 pm

School librarians face many copyright issues. Share some of the real-life experiences you have faced regarding copyright and let's see if someone else has answers and help.

A group for school and youth librarians to discuss in depth issues of copyright as it relates to schools, youth, and youth usage of social media. Recently Carrie Russell of the ALA Washington Office wrote on LM_NET:

I think school librarians have a tough task at hand - trying to promote ethical behavior while at the same time, trying to teach their educational communities about fair use.  I think librarians should use discussion lists or other mechanisms to talk about these issues with one another. Academic librarians have several discussion lists on copyright, but I don't think school librarians even have one.  There are no AASL committees dedicated to copyright, no discussion groups etc. You really can learn from one another.

Seeing the validity of this idea we have created this group to offer members the opportunity to share their concerns, procedures, and instructional strategies to teach copyright.

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