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ACRL/CLS Communications Committee Virtual Meeting

Thursday, August 26, 2010
10:00 am to 11:00 am, US/Central

The College Library Section Communications Committee will hold a web meeting on Thursday, August 26th at 11:00 am Eastern/10:00am Central.

The tentative agenda is:

1)      Introductions

2)      Updates from Annual

3)      Plans for the upcoming year (2010-2011)

This meeting is open to anyone interested in attending.  Contact Jennifer Turner (jenniferturner@gmail.com) for meeting information.

Jennifer Turner's picture

Agenda for the Meeting:


1. Introductions

  • Jenny Turner - Chair of the CLS Communications Committee - Support and Training Specialist at PALS, A Program of the MN State Colleges and Universities (I train librarians on ILS – specifically Aleph and Evergreen)
  • Pat Duck, Director of the Millstein Library, Univ. of Pgh at Greensburg, i do the newsletter for CLS.
  • Lauren Jensen - Public Services Librarian at Hewes Library at Monmouth College (Monmouth, IL).  I'm new to the committee this year.  (I work on Reference and Instructional Services mainly.)
  • April Davies - Catalog/Acquisitions Librarian, Van Wagenen Library, SUNY Cobleskill. Also new to the committee this year. Virtual member.
  • Christine Whittington, Director of the Library, Greensboro College. Returning member.
  • Eamon Tewell, Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. Virtual member, returning to the committee.
  • Shellie Jeffries, Co-Director of the Grace Hauenstein Library @ Aquinas College in Grand Rapids MI. I'm responsible for electronic services and systems and I supervise our IL librarian and our Technical Services librn. I am the webmaster for CLS.
  • Rebecca Sullivan, Academic Technology Librarian @Luther College, Decorah,IA.  New member.


2. Updates from Annual


To dos:



  • Forward Pat an email containing emails for all existing committee chairs. Jenny sent this to Pat after the meeting.  DONE.
  • Summarize committee meeting for the newsletter In progress - I have a decent draft for you, Pat, but will refine it again to make a bit briefer.
  • Investigate/designate a CLS hashtag for twitter (with Melanie). Publicize on Facebook
  • and collib-l Still need to do.
  •  Move Facebook page to a Fan page; publicize the URL on collib-l and in the newsletter. Still need to do.  Chris and Lauren volunteered to take this task on.  Jenny will give them admin privs to the current Facebook page.
  • Post links on CLS wiki to where updated information may be found (Facebook, website, ALA Connect) Done.  It took me a while to even find our old wiki page! 
  • Work with the CLS Research Committee on a place for “In Print” Rec'd some news from the research committee, but waiting to hear what they have planned for this publication.
  •  Check with Adam to see if collib-l policies have changed (is it now ok to post locations) and also see if we are missing anything else under “Ground Rules” Still need to do.
  • Schedule post-ALA Annual meeting for August. DONE. 
  • Send out intro to the committee (who is on it, the charge, etc).  The notes from this meeting will be sent with the official charge.  Contact info was sent shortly after the meeting.
  • Talk to CLS committee members that were unable to attend in person about tasks that need volunteers:
    • Set up Facebook-Twitter hash-tag tie in (investigate and do, if possible) - Still need to do. Will work with Melanie on a hash-tag first.  This may need to wait a bit until Melanie and I can coordinate the tag. 
    • Look for/coordinate volunteers for CLS newsletter digitization project, if necessary – Pat has been in contact with Shellie. They are copying what the U of Pitt. has that Shellie needs to have digitized.  
    • Look for volunteers to investigate the ACRL Librarian of the Month - what are requirements, etc - and write something up for the newsletter. Chris and Rebecca volunteered for this.


Pat: Newsletter content sent to me by Oct. 1

  • Send CLS Committee Chairs specific email(s) to submit newsletter content. Specify that

this content should NOT simply be minutes from the meeting, but rather a paragraph or short summary of the committee’s recent work.

  • Possible sources of articles:
    • Leadership Committee Chair (Barbara Bird) for the ProQuest Innovation Award
    • Sally Gibson: social at ACRL? Pat hasn’t heard from her yet
    • Candidates for ALA/ACRL board with CLS affiliations (we can’t really promote them, but we can list them for informational purposes)
    • Send out a reminder of what constitutes ‘Kudos’ - these could be small accomplishments! Pat asked for examples.  After the meeting, Jenny pointed her towards two of the newsletters from her days as editor that had a good number and variety of Kudos.  It was suggested that we could also possibly pull some Kudos from the Facebook page as well, if people were active on that - we just need to get people active! 
    • Check to see if the U of Pittsburgh library school has copies of CLS newsletters that may They have some and have been in contact with Shellie to get copies of what needs to be digitized.


  • Mock up new site organization. Share with the group. She prepared a mock-up, which was okayed, and has begun switching over the CLS web site to the new version. Still in progress.
  • Create a section for etiquette on the Collib-l page on the CLS website; additionally, make

the link to the list archives more visible. Once she has received the etiquette guidelines, she will post.  I've also been fixing errors, adding missing minutes, and updating various pages as needed. Since classes have started on her campus, it'll be a little bit before she can get back to making changes.


Melanie: (unable to attend; Jenny will follow up with her)

  • Work with Jenny to designate a CLS hashtag
  • Write up something (a paragraph) for the next newsletter about the CLS hashtag for
  • Twitter.
  • Share collib-l etiquette tips with Shellie for posting on the website. Also share with Pat for newsletter fodder.
  • Send out etiquette tips in the next message(s) to the list


Beth: (unable to attend; Jenny will follow up with her)

  • Look into ‘feeder institutions’ for possible Websites of the Month in the more challenging states.



  • Once Shellie has shared her design/organization ideas for the website, comment!  Thanks to all for commenting!
  • Update ALA Connect profiles
    • Some of us still need to finish making updates.
    • There are mixed reviews for usefulness, but since it is nice to put faces and information with names, we’ll continue to update.  Also, this information ties into all committees, so once it is done for one group, it is applied to all.

3. Plans for the upcoming year (2010-2011)


Mid-Winter Meeting using Ether Pad - unless a fabulous new technology presents itself :)

Until then - continue on the to-dos from Annual.  Jenny will send out an updated list and post to ALA Connect. 


New To-Do List:


  • Follow up with Melanie and Beth for updates since Annual.
  • Work with Melanie to create/promote a Twitter Hashtag for CLS.
    • Tie in to Facebook, if possible
    • Share facebook admin privs with Chris and Lauren
    • Follow up with CLS Research Committee on “In Print” publication.
    • Check with Adam to see if collib-l policies have changed (is it now ok to post locations) and also see if we are missing anything else under “Ground Rules”
    • Send out intro to the committee (who is on it, the charge, etc)
    • Send Pat examples of Kudos
    • Finish Communications Committee write-up for Annual Meeting; send to Pat.



  • Work with Lauren to re-work CLS Facebook page
  • Work with Rebecca to research ACRL Librarian of the Month and do a write-up for the newsletter (we are trying to promote CLS members to nominate CLS people for this)



  • Work with Chris to re-work CLS Facebook page



  • Work with Chris to research ACRL Librarian of the Month and do a write-up for the newsletter (we are trying to promote CLS members to nominate CLS people for this)



  • Solicit materials for Newsletter; glean some from Facebook, if necessary
  • Continue to work with Shellie on CLS Newsletter digitization



  • Continue plugging away at the website
  • Continue to work with Pat on CLS Newsletter digitization



  • Finish updating ALA Connect profiles
  • Follow ALA Connect for committee updates