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Professional Development Question #4

  • Provide academic departments and faculty with a list of standing orders in their area, including prices. These usually continue to be active year after year, and some may no longer support the curriculum.
  • Provide academic departments and faculty with a list of active journal subscriptions, and make sure to include costs. With retirements and new hires, many journals may no longer support the curriculum. This is an opportunity to cancel unused titles to free up money to add new subscriptions to support new directions that the curriculum is taking, driven by new faculty.
  • If you provide an annual allocation for one-time purchases to academic departments, provide them with three or five years of data showing expenditures. If an allocation is not be spent routinely, offer to reduce and add a journal subscription or two with savings.
  • Conduct a vigorous format duplication project, and cancel journal subscriptions for titles contained in eResources. We no longer have the luxury of not taking these actions because we fear that content may be removed from eResources in the future. This project can produce some savings in binding and microfiche subscriptions.
  • Ask your consortium partners and vendor/publisher representatives to keep you informed about one-time purchases that are a good fit for your library. These can offer a dramatic increase in the depth and breadth of your resources, often coupled with a modest annual fee for “front-list” access to the backfile titles. Many publishers have eResources packages that are an excellent value, and publicizing the acquisition of such resources to the campus community is very important.
  • Make good use of every opportunity to keep the campus community informed about efforts that show that the library is making informed and thoughtful use of the budget that it receives. Make sure to highlight new resources (we have a Blog on our home page), and push out announcements about them to appropriate faculty.
  • Do everything you can to get faculty into the library. We offered RefWorks classes every Wednesday all semester in the last year, no reservation required, refreshments provided.
  • Make sure that the liaison program stays fresh and proactive. We created fact sheets last fall for each academic department with lists of and links to top tier resources in their area that we pushed out by email.