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Presentations from ACIG program at ALA Annual 2010 - Authorized Genre, Forms, and Facets in RDA

These are the presentations that were presented at our ACIG program. Many thanks to the presenters for making their presentations available to us.

Janis Young's LC report :

Creating Genre/Form Headings at the Library of Congress presented by Janis Young, Policy and Standards Division, Library of Congress http://presentations.ala.org/images/1/16/ACIG_genre-form_FINAL.ppt

The Music Genre/For, Project: Issues and Some Solutions, presented by Geraldine Ostrove, Policy and Standards Division, Library of Congress. Slides: http://presentations.ala.org/images/7/7f/Slides10jun21-1-.ppt, pdf: http://presentations.ala.org/images/3/3b/TextPosted.pdf

Implementing (parts of) FRAD in a FRBR-based Discovery System, presented by Jenn Riley, Metadata Librarian with the Digital Library Program at Indiana University-Bloomington http://presentations.ala.org/images/1/1d/RileyFRAD.ppt