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Professional Development Discussion Question #2

Question: What are some new ways you have found to teach information literacy?

Summary of comments/ideas:

  • Trendy technologies can play an important if not lasting role to attract students to the library.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to replicate what we show them in an instruction session and use the time to identify problems or issues that did not occur to us when we started the session.
  • Focused reference interviews or one-on-one meetings with students from a class regarding their research assignments helps students to realize "they have a use for the library."
  • The path to acquiring the skill is not necessarily the most obvious for example a popular movie collection gets students into the library, allows them to use some of our services and eventually students will begin to use the library for their academic work.
  • Jing, a free download, to create tutorials to include in Lib Guides.