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Minutes of April 3, 2010 SRRT Action Council Online Meeting with Links and Supporting Documents

Dear SRRT membership at large. Attached to this post are:


1. Minutes of the April 3, 2010 online SRRT Action Council  meeting (MS Word), transcribed by Nancy Garmer. .


2. The History of SRRT Newsletter (PDF) compiled by Myka Kennedy Stevens.


 The recording of our 4/3/10 OPAL online meeting is now available online:


1.  Full playback, with streaming audio, text chat, and co-browsing:




2.  Downloadable MP3 audiorecording:




The next step will be a 6th revision of the SRRT Newsletter Editorial Policy   based on comments from the 4/3/10 meeting plus any comments you would care to share. Myka Stevens will be posting the draft 6th revision soon along with a deadline for comments. We hope to have this whole process fairly wrapped up before Annual conference in D.C. so we can vote on the editorial policy as well as By-Law changes, including the newsletter portion of the By-Laws.


We may wish to consider whether we need to update our mission statement too, something that was brought up by one of our members in the online discussion.


I am making this document available to the whole membership and hope I have done so properly given my slight confusion over whether making something publicly available means that the entire ALA Connect population will see it. - Mike Marlin, Coordinator-Elect

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The entry for our anonymous attendee should read as follows:



0046932 [record of a failed attempt to participate  by a Mac user]



Thanks to Steve Marquardt for pointing this out. Steve was that user. Apologies for any confusion that he actually did participate.

Mike Marlin California State Library Braille and Talking Book Library Sacramento, CA