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This community is for anyone interested in learning more about social work in public libraries. The PLA Social Worker Task Force will use this space to discuss issues facing public libraries, provide a space to connect with others, generate and share best practices and resources.
  • 1.  Supervision of Interns

    Posted Aug 13, 2021 12:04 PM
    Hi everyone,

    We have received a request to post a question:

    "Could you post a question about how to handle supervision for interns when you don't have a social worker on site (which is why we want an intern)?" So it would be great if you could please share with the question-asker how interns are supervised at your library, when there is no social worker present. Thanks!

    Kathleen Hughes
    Public Library Association

    Kathleen Hughes
    Manager of Publications/Editor "Public Libraries"
    American Library Association