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All things Drupal and libraries. Explores and promotes the use of Drupal among libraries and librarians, facilitating communication, and establishing best practices.

About this Group

*  Group members can email the group using ala-Drupal4LibIG@connectedcommunity.org.

*  Group agendas, minutes, and reports are located in the LITA Public Documents folders.

*  Anyone can view group announcements, discussions, events, files, and members.


  • 1.  Chat: Testing Chat

    Posted Jul 22, 2015 05:16 PM
    Jun 12 2009 8:11PM Christopher Steins: Participating in a chat.
    Jul 22 2015 6:16PM Christopher Steins: Hi
    Jul 22 2015 6:16PM Christopher Steins: Ready for a break