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In the last few years GODORT has begun to take advantage of numerous different communication tools.  At the moment, GODORT has an official presence in the

GODORT also has an unofficial presence on Twitter and some members of GODORT have used their personal Facebook accounts to publicize GODORT events. 

Further, since 1990, GODORT has used GOVDOC-L as a venue for information sharing even though GOVDOC-L is not formally affiliated with GODORT.  The sudden and overlapping profusion of tools has caused confusion among members and needs to be resolved.

We charge this committee to identify the range of GODORT communication, define appropriate roles for each of the tools above if appropriate for the purpose and to define a policy regarding member experiments that may make use of the GODORT identity.

The committee recommendations should

•    support and further the intent of the GODORT communication

•    facilitate communication by all GODORT members and not serve as a barrier to participation

•    enhance distributed work patterns, as we are an all-volunteer organization

•    maximize automated solutions where possible  in order to extend the reach of GODORT-created content as widely as possible with the least amount of manual effort

•    support continued experimentation with new technologies in order to expand virtual, year-round participation in GODORT

•    eliminate tools if deemed appropriate


Project Sponsor

GODORT Steering


Project Managers

John Stevenson, Publications Representative

Valerie Glenn, Bylaws Representative


Project Scope

This project defines GODORT’s communications strategy.  While it will bear some relationship to issues relevant to Publications, Development and Bylaws and Organization, it is a separate issue.

Project Outcome

  • A recommendation for a single location for placement of meeting agendas and minutes in time for use before Midwinter 2010 in Boston, MA to be voted upon by Steering prior to the conference.
  • Policies regarding use (or not) of each tool above
  • Policies regarding use of GODORT identity with emerging technologies
  • A schedule for implementation should content need to be moved, archived, etc.

Project Timeline

October 2009-July 2010, Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Project Team Members

  • Sonnet Brown, GITCO Representative
  • Valerie Glenn, Bylaws and Organization Representative
  • John Stevenson, Publications Representative
  • Steve Hayes, Development Representative
  • Kris Kasinovitz, Membership Representative

Project Stakeholders and Reviewers

  • GODORT Secretary
  • GODORT Web Administrator

Related Issues

The existing rules on updating the Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) inhibit ready updates and shared workload.  As a result, the PPM is not updated often enough because all of the work typically becomes the responsibility of a single person.

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