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Games and Gaming  

We engage those interested in games and gaming activities in libraries of all kinds and to collaborate with ALA units to support gaming initiatives and programs across the Association. Games, as defined in their broadest sense, include traditional and modern board, card, video, mobile, computer, live-action, role-playing, and miniature games. Gaming activities include planning and running gaming programs, providing games for informal play, developing a game collection, creating games, development of information and other literacies through games, and partnering with other community organizations to support gaming, will be topics for professional exploration.

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Gaming in Libraries Course  

This group is designed as the primary discussion boards for those working through the Games in Libraries YouTube course which ran during June 2009.

You can watch all 30 videos in order over at

Or, here is the embedded YouTube playlist that will play them all for you:


Join the group to view the discussions and participate. Conversation about the individual Sessions of the course can be found in the Discussions area, which you will find in the sidebar to the right. -->

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Second Life Users Group  

This is a group for the users of the virtual reality environment "Second Life" to communicate and connect.  Post information about collaboration ideas, questions, events, and meetings.

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