Midwinter Business Meeting

When:  Jan 21, 2017 from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM (ET)

The business meeting at Midwinter will take place during the last 10 minutes of the interest group session.  Following is the agenda I've submitted to ACRL.  The meeting will be short, but there's a lot to cover.  Please feel free to comment here on any of it, or send me a message at mmccourry@hillsdale.edu.  The more we can get done in this virtual space ahead of time, the better!

Maurine McCourry, 2016-2017 Convener


ACRL Technical Services Interest Group Business Meeting
ALA Midwinter, January 21, 2017, 4:30-5:30 pm
Georgia World Congress Center, Room A304



  1. Review of activities to date:

    1. 2014 Midwinter: Diane Baden presentation

    2. Spring of 2014: ACRL TSIG Survey preliminary results: needs assessment for technical services programs

    3. 2014 Annual: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe presentation

    4. 2015 Midwinter: Two presentations and business meeting

    5. ACRL 2015: Dinner gathering at a Portland brew pub

    6. 2015 Annual: Lightning Rounds; business meeting discussion reflected preference for 1 hour lightning round format vs. 1 ½ hour with longer or keynote presentation

    7. 2016 Midwinter: Lightning Rounds

    8. Spring of 2016: Email discussion regarding the possibilities of becoming a Section; no consensus was reached, but there was some interest in 3 possibilities: 1) Becoming a Section; 2) Not becoming a section in order to keep the work manageable, and to avoid duplicating the efforts of ALCTS; 3) Becoming an ALCTS affiliate or working in another formal way with ALCTS.

    9. 2016 Annual: Three presentations

    10. Anything missing?

  2. Plans for the future:

    1. Immediate need for current Incoming Convener to take over as Convener following Annual this summer.

    2. Also immediate need for Incoming Convener starting after Annual.

    3. Need for ideas for direction: We have the numbers to become a Section, but maybe not the desire. The discussion should continue, though, and in the interim, we should pursue appropriate projects as a group.

    4. There will be some sort of social gathering at ACRL. Discussion?