EBSS Electronic Resources in Communication Studies (ERCS) -- Invitation to the Virtual Meeting: Augu

When:  Aug 14, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM (ET)
Topic: EBSS Electronic Resources in Communication Studies Meeting

Time: Aug 14, 2017 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://ithaca.zoom.us/j/294288403

Note: this meeting will be recorded

  1. Welcome and Introductions

  2. Library Resources for Communication Studies (LRCS) LibGuide:  update on assignments, methods and goals:

    1. Guides Checklist: December 2016 is latest update (https://connect.ala.org/communities/community-home/librarydocuments/viewdocument?DocumentKey=2d01bf1e-5b05-423d-84b3-ce00ceb9aa9d). Cathy and Heidi will work with Publications Committee to bring our checklist into alignment with theirs which is based on our August 2016 version.

    2. Status report for subject areas assigned in 2016-17, assignment of subject areas for 2017-18. *These pages need new editors because their creators are no longer on the committee. It’s possible that Damecia’s pages will also need new editors assigned.

Film Studies


Health Communication


Intercultural Communication*

Carol, Alan (Draft completed)


Sharon (Draft completed)

Media Diversity & Race

Damecia, Cathy (Draft completed)

Media Ethics

Damecia, Heidi (Draft completed)

Media/Communication Law

Cathy (Draft completed)

Media Ratings, Data and Statistics*

Van Houlson (Draft completed)

New Media/Cyberculture

Damecia, Heidi (No work done; integrate in other subjects or rename? See item c below)



Political Communication


Speech Communication*

Carol, Alan (Draft completed)

Women & Media

Damecia, Cathy? (Incomplete)

    1. New media / cyberculture page.  Discuss and decide whether to rename or integrate into other guides.  

                  i.  Video games, social reality, network --- pieces we can include in other pages, e.g.     interpersonal communication?

                  ii.     One renaming possibility:  Computer-mediated communications. (define?  Email, chat, social networking, com in VR)

    1. Dated or Duplicated Assets:  email the committee before deleting? Or use personal judgment?

    2. Database description.  Copy text from vendor. OK to include multiple database versions (historical and current indexing)?  Could refer to alternate versions in the description….

    3. Standardization for naming boxes? Encourage:  content description rather than format. Ex. Film studies websites:  make awards, actors, films, etc. Standard box names: Journals, Subjects, etc.  -- these have been carried over from the wiki.  Subject Headings as a box name?  Subjects and Keywords.  Link out to LC Headings.

    4. Deadline for publication?


    1. Collaboration with the CMC Committee:  assist with reviewing subject pages of LRCS. Offer to review their J-standards / Framework.

    2. EBSS: recommend the section create a separate free-standing vendor relations committee.

    3. Change the ERCS Committee Charge?  Removing vendor relations (for discussion);

    4. Change the ERCS Committee Name? (Suggested by previous member Sharon Black)

  2. Other business