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The problem with certainty -- free webinar

  • 1.  The problem with certainty -- free webinar

    Posted 11 days ago
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    "The Certainty Trap refers to a resolute unwillingness to consider the possibility that we're wrong or that we're not right in the way we think we are. It has cousins in intellectual arrogance and incuriosity, but those concepts don't quite go far enough. After all, if I tell someone to be intellectually humble or curious, there's a tacit assumption that they can identify where they lack those things in the first place."


    So says Associate Professor Ilana Redstone. She continues, "The good news is that the problem of certainty is actually easier to solve than a battle over political ideologies....The first step is to recognize the root problem. The second is to start asking questions, and to do so while understanding that the most important thing often isn't answering the questions, but generating them…."

    Learn more at this free webinar,
    "Campuses don't have a "wokeness" problem. They have a certainty problem" hosted by the Intellectual Freedom Round Table. April 21, 12 noon (Central) Register here:

    Johannah Genett
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