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Coming in June - You Have Questions, Your Community Has Answers!

  • 1.  Coming in June - You Have Questions, Your Community Has Answers!

    Posted 5 days ago

    Some members post in Connect to just share information or to start a conversation. But there are times when you really need a specific answer. In June, there will be a way for you to reach out to your community and community specifically if you are in need.

    In early June, most Division and Round Table Member communities will support both Discussions and Questions. Users of ALA Connect can expect a typical user experience when creating a thread. By default, users will create an Open-ended Discussion post. However, users that need to designate a post as a question will be able to do so. Users will be able to categorize your post with the applicable thread type ("focusing your thread") by selecting it at the top.

    In addition, the Latest Question and Answers Widget will be added to Division and Round Table microsite homepages that have chosen to turn on the functionality. This widget will display posts that request answers. This widget will only display questions within the microsite, and the widget will only display questions from Division and RoundTable communities that utilize the Question and Answers functionality. Users will only be able to see questions from communities that they belong to. By default, the widget will display five questions. And it will have a "More" button which will take users to all recent posts on the microsite where Open-ended Discussion posts and Questions are displayed.

    This functionality is already available in the ALA Members Community. And the Latest Questions & Answers Widget for the ALA Members community is located on the ALA Connect homepage.

    Below are details of how you will soon be able to focus a thread to mark a post as a question that needs an answer.


    Mark a Question to be answered:


    The icon for each thread type carries through to the list page, making it easy to visually identify the type of post at a glance.


    Don't pass up the Opportunity to Assist - Answer a question:

    If you read a question posed by another community member and can answer it, click Answer.


    The Content Editor will display directly on the page, allowing you to answer inline without navigating away. By default, you'll use the Basic editor, with a limited set of options. Click the ellipsis (...) button to expand the Basic Plus editor with additional formatting options.


     Mark a post as the Best Answer:

    When someone asks a question, there's generally a reply that offers the best answer. To help promote this content the thread's original poster (as well as Super Admins, Community Admins, and Community Moderators) can mark one of the answers as the best answer by selecting Mark As Best Answer from its ellipsis (...) menu.


    NOTE: You can clear the best answer at any time by selecting Unmark Best Answer from the menu. Only one answer can be flagged as the Best Answer at a time.

    The answer is then visually highlighted to indicate this, ensuring other users know. In instances where multiple answers are available, flagging one as the best answer automatically pins it to the top of the list.

    In addition, the Jump to Best Answer link appears at the top of the page, allowing you to quickly view the best answer. This is especially helpful for questions with a lot of text.

    Cory Stevenson
    American Library Association