New Member FAQ

a mug with the word begin on itWhat should I do first as a new Core member?

  1. Log in to Core Connect to add your profile picture and fill out your bio in the member directory.
  2. Introduce yourself or start a discussion in the New Member Interest Group.
  3. Contact Chrishelle Thomas at with any questions you have.

How can I engage with other Core members?

Pick one or more Sections to join. They're free as part of your membership, so join whichever ones match your interests. You can join new ones or leave a section anytime here in Connect.

Join as many of our Interest Groups as you like - all free as part of your membership.
You can also view your networks of members doing work similar to yours in libraries like yours. Add interests to your profile to expand your networks further.

What’s the best way to stay current with Core?

As a new member, you’ll start receiving our monthly member newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date on what's happening in Core.

Want to receive news more often? Check the Core News blog and subscribe to email updates from it.

Read the latest issue of one of our journals

Connect with us on social media

How can I contribute or get involved?

Find Your Niche: Join an Interest Group

Interest groups are a great way to get involved with Core and meet colleagues while learning about emerging trends or issues. Ask questions, share about your projects, and stay current with the topics and issues that are important in your work. View the list of IGs and join as many as you want.

We Blog @ Core

The Core News Blog features original content from LITA members on current issues and trends relevant to the library technology community, and we welcome guest posts from new members.


Core's President-elect appoints members to committees every spring to help manage our activities. We need awesome volunteers like you, who are passionate about the profession to participate Find a committee that interests you and then log in to fill out the volunteer form.

If you're looking for a more informal way to volunteer, you can chair one of our interest groups and help run virtual discussions.

Interested in Career Opportunities?

New job openings are posted on our Jobs Site weekly.

Core Learnings

Get your member discount when you register for webinars and online courses that will build and expand your skill set.

LITA Staff Support


Contact Chrishelle Thomas anytime!
Membership and Marketing Manager