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Purpose: Studies, evaluates, and recommends in matters relating to library furniture, equipment, and building planning for all types of libraries.

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WFH Impact on Future Use of Library Space - continued from Feb 4, 2021 Interest Group Week Zoom

  • 1.  WFH Impact on Future Use of Library Space - continued from Feb 4, 2021 Interest Group Week Zoom

    Posted Feb 05, 2021 11:57 AM

    Hello! I wanted to follow up on the WFH Impact on Future Use of Library Space thread we started yesterday in our Interest Group Week Zoom. @Anne Cooper, @Amy Nuttall, @Julie Wendorf, @Tim Klasasen, @Eric A. Kidwell, @Lloyd Jansen, @Katherine Dabbour, @Pattie Piotrowski, @K.T. Vaughan and others contributed to this discussion. 

    Particularly appreciated @Julie Wendorf's comment "The library as a 3rd place may grow even more if there is a continued move for community members to WFH."

    Please allow me to clarify... that when I mentioned a larger trend in higher education that some college and university departments with very successful WFH during the pandemic are considering reducing office space footprint at their primary location, and using that area instead for some other use... I did not mean that this "other use" would be other campus departments taking over the space of the library.  On library design projects, my client is always you, the library, because I want to advocate for you to retain and improve your space, like in this project for University at Albany Libraries:

    Hope to hear some more great comments about this topic.


    Marie S.A. Sorensen, RA
    Sorensen Partners | Architects + Planners, Inc.