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Purpose: Focuses on both broad and specific preservation issues in libraries. Topics encompass physical collections generally, and occasionally digital preservation issues. We serve academic, public, special, and other types of libraries.

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Survey on Accessibility in Conservation Resources

  • 1.  Survey on Accessibility in Conservation Resources

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hi all – I strongly encourage folks who participate in any variety of conservation education (including workshops, websites, etc) to participate.  Accessibility of resources and programming is important to ALL, not just those with disabilities.


    Accessibility Survey Now Available

    Dear members and friends of the conservation community,

    We are writing to ask for your help.

    Over the past several months, we* have outlined many issues with accessibility faced in the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) and the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC). We know there are many challenges we are not yet aware of. This survey is one step in understanding these challenges. We cannot work to address them if we do not know what they are.

    We acknowledge that this is a stressful time for everybody. We are mentally and physically exhausted with what has transpired in the year 2020 and the beginning of 2021. But we do not want to put this important work off for a later time. To make actionable changes within the AIC and FAIC, we need to hear from community members.

    To our knowledge there is currently no data on accessibility of professional development opportunities in the field of American conservation.

    We hope to collect this information to:

    • Raise awareness of challenges faced by conservation and preservation professionals with disabilities in our community.
    • Provide pertinent resources.
    • Better meet the needs of our community in accessing continuing education offerings including conservation and collections care community, prospective conservation students, and users of programming and materials produced by both AIC and FAIC.
    • Explore the formation of an affinity group for people with disabilities.

    **You do not need to be an AIC member or identify as having a disability to complete this survey**

    Your participation will last approximately 15 – 30 minutes

    Submission deadline: February 5

    Take the Survey

    A non-interactive PDF version of the survey is also available for view on the AIC website. If you would prefer to complete this survey in hardcopy or using a screen-readable PDF, please email for the PDF.

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Survey leaders Ronel Namde, Sally G. Kim, and Jennifer Hain Teper; and the AIC Equity and Inclusion Committee

    You are being asked to participate in a voluntary research study. Participating in this study will involve participation in an online survey and your participation will last approximately 15-30 minutes. Risks related to this research include no risk beyond those of filling out a web-based survey on a computer. Data collected from this research will only be used in aggregate and no individually identifying data will be stored.

    Benefits related to the outcome of this research include:

    • AIC or other professional presentations or publication of our findings.
    • Improved accessibility features. FAIC has recently begun offering live closed captioning for its webinars and online workshops.
    • Greater access and inclusion to information in the field.
    • Application of "Universal Design for Learning." This also means that the web content could be readily viewed on any device of your choice, such as mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

    Immediate benefits from the data collection will not be evident; however, the data collected will help us advocate for accessibility in the field of conservation.

    What procedures are involved?
    This research will be performed via an online survey form which will be openly available to voluntary participation until February 5th, 2021.

    Will my study-related information be kept confidential?
    Yes. Personal identifying information is not required by the survey and all data will be reported in aggregate. If personally identifying information is submitted voluntarily, we will use all reasonable efforts to keep your personal information confidential, but we cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality. When this research is discussed or published, no one will know that you were in the study. But, when required by law or university policy, identifying information may be seen or copied by: a) The Institutional Review Board that approves research studies; b) The Office for Protection of Research Subjects and other university departments that oversee human subjects research; or c) University and state auditors responsible for oversight of research.

    Who should I contact if I have questions?
    If you have questions about this project, you may contact Jennifer Hain Teper at 217.244.5689 or If you have any questions about your rights as a participant in this study or any concerns or complaints, please contact the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Office for the Protection of Research Subjects at 217.333.2670 or via email at


    Jennifer Hain Teper

    Member, AIC Equity and Inclusion Committee

    Velde Professor and Head, Preservation Services

    University of Illinois Libraries