Presidential Task Force on Equitable Access to Electronic Content (EQUACC)

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On June 28th, the ALA Council passed a resolution that called for the formation of a Presidential Task Force, integrating the OITP Working Group, charged with studying:

  • challenges and potential solutions in libraries for improved electronic content
     access, distribution and preservation systems, and infrastructure in response to the creation and migration of materials from print to electronic access;
  • collaborations that provide electronic content and distribution infrastructure
     for libraries, including the development of a list of potentially practical,
     effective collaborations and courses of action that ALA and libraries around
     the country could engage in;
  • current and emerging assistive technology that provides people with sensory and physical disabilities the opportunity to access electronic information hitherto inaccessible through libraries;
  • methods of encouraging solutions through libraries for electronic content access that use formats and standards that work across DRM-free device platforms;
  • options for compromise agreements between the library and publishing communities regarding access to digital content; and
  • the need for any ALA policies required to further the creation of an effective electronic content and distribution infrastructure for libraries; and

The resolution called for the Task Force to submit a report to Council at ALA Annual Conference in 2011 containing recommendations for the Association.

For the full text of the Council resolution (including whereas clauses), see