Traditional Cultural Expression

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This is an open forum for ALA members to respond to the work of the Presidential Task Force on Traditional Cultural Expressions.

The responsible management of traditional cultural expressions – in which the principle of open access to information is balanced with a respect for the  rights of indigenous and traditional communities -- is an important issue for the American Library Association and for libraries. 

The TCE Task Force was created after Midwinter 2010 to:

  • review the background and development of the current version (7.0) of the document “Librarianship and Traditional Cultural Expressions: Nurturing Understanding and Respect."  
  • examine the current document and other relevant material 
  • as necessary, propose  any revisions to the document 
  • bring forward a recommended revised draft document for approval by the ALA Council at ALA Midwinter 2011.    

 The Task Force will provide updates through this community after the ALA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC June 2010, and encourages feedback from members as they work through ALA Midwinter 2011.


The TCE Task Force is co-chaired by the OITP Advisory Committee and the International Relations Committee (IRC), and includes representatives from the OITP Advisory Committee, IRC, Intellectual Freedom Committee, Committee on Legislation, Association of College and Research Libraries, Joint Committee on Archives, Libraries, and Museums, American Indian Library Association,  Asian Pacific Library Association, Chinese American Library Association, Reforma, the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, and the ALA President.