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The Open Group for Library History Reform is a new OPEN ALA Connect community for discussion of concerns and suggestions for improving advocacy within ALA and our communities for addressing  Library History Reform in terms of gender and diversity issues. 


ALA conference committees and round tables -- are they doing enough for library history?

ALA conference meetings and presentations -- are they doing enough for gender & diversity in terms of programs, services, research and publications about our library history of the past & the future?


Who is telling the story of library history ?   Are gender & diversity reflected enough ?


What about civic engagement and library history ?  Is it being told accurately enough ?


Who gets to decide for the ALA and larger library community what the history is and will be?


Are ALA committees reflecting gender & diversity enough ?  Do people even know who tells the library history "story" these days ?     Also , how important is Library History to You ?


Please add your thoughts in this Open Group on Gender & Diversity in Library History

Also, what would you like to see more of from current ALA library history programming etc ?

Thank you,

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