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Mar 06, 2015 06:56 PM

Copy of email I sent to various lists.


Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to invite your participation in the American Library Association’s Diversity Member Initiated Group (MIG).

In January 2015, ALA President Courtney Young discussed the Diversity MIG and its creation as a way for us, professionals and students alike, to carry on diversity as “everyone’s work” (http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/2015/01/15/everyones-work/). The mission of the Diversity MIG is to provide an informal, member-driven space that supports efforts for diversity, equity and inclusion. As such, it supports the work of the ALA Office for Diversity, the ALA Committee on Diversity, and the Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

From the Diversity MIG’s ALA Connect space:

This member interest group provides an organizational home for members dedicated to fostering an improved climate for diversity within their institutions and professional organizations.

The mission of the Diversity Membership Initiative Group is:

    • To provide a space for success stories and best practices and broadly highlight examples of activities that have improved services and fostered organizational change.

    • To provide a community of practice for members to discuss ideas, concepts, and methods to positively impact library services to increasingly diverse populations.

    • To provide a base for deepening our discussion and collective understanding of diversity and inclusion issues across our professional organizations.

Possible activities:
• Collecting success stories for the ALA website
• Launching a Journal Club
• Identifying training topics and facilitators to enhance ALA's online learning offerings
• Connecting members around topics of mutual interest for publishing and presenting
• Identifying best practices from member organizations and implementing them elsewhere
• Supporting efforts to make ALA welcoming
• Providing feedback to the ALA Council Committee on Diversity and the Special Presidential Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Please join us at: http://connect.ala.org/node/229994. I so look forward to your participation in the discussion boards!

Should you have any questions about the ALA Diversity MIG, please do not hesitate to contact me, through whatever means you feel most comfortable. My contact information is provided below.

All the best,



Melissa I. Cardenas-Dow, MLIS
ALA Diversity Membership Initiative Group, Co-chair, 2014-2016

phone: 909-793-2030
Google Hangout: melissa.cardenasdow
Twitter: @micdow
ORCiD: orcid.org/0000-0002-3823-6954
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/melissacardenasdow
FB: facebook.com/melissa.cardenasdow
About.me: about.me/melissa.cardenasdow
MiscEtcetera blog: http://wp.me/1SJSQ
Academia.edu: https://illinois.academia.edu/MelissaCardenasDow


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Mar 12, 2015 09:19 AM

Hi Ula,

So glad to see you here! And yes, by clicking "Join," you are now a member of the Diversity MIG. 



Mar 12, 2015 06:46 AM

Hi Melissa,


Thanks so much for sending out this message! One question: how (exactly) do I sign up to join The Diversity MIG? Is clicking on "Join" all that it takes?


Thanks so much,


Mar 10, 2015 05:34 PM

Thank you for your detailed information. I would like to be part of the group!


Mar 09, 2015 11:29 AM

Thanks for the great question, Alicia! I'll answer each of your questions in turn below. (I'll also duplicate this as a public post.)

What is a MIG exactly?

A Membership Initiative Group (MIG) is short-term group within ALA that is focused on topical concerns and issues. A MIG is member-created, member-driven, and member-continued. A MIG exists because ALA members support its existance. A MIG can not assume responsibilities of other, more established groups and units. (for more, please see: http://www.ala.org/groups/mcoms/migs)

The Diversity MIG was created to provide an organizational home for those who are interested in furthering diversity, equity and inclusion within ALA. Our purpose differs slightly from other ALA bodies that attempt to deal with the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are attempting to provide a community of practice to help our members learn more about the issues that deal with diversity, equity and inclusion. Through activities that we do, I hope to nurture a community that is committed to supporting members in their learning and outlook, with the hope that we each take what we learn to our individual locales. For more info please see the About Us of the Diversity Member Interest Group. What we do here, at the ALA Diversity MIG, is to meant to provide feedback to the ALA Committee on Diversity and the Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Do you need to sign up to become a member of the group?

Yes. The sign up necessary is joining us on this ALA Connect Community!

Would the work require attending Annual and/or Midwinter?

No. We will have events during the conferences, but the bulk of our activity will be conducted virtually. We need to focus our virtual activity on ALA Connect, but I hope to branch out to other virtual spaces as needed.

Would work be done virtually?

Yes, mostly! The biggest bulk of work at the moment is participation. Please post an introduction, respond to queries (from me and other members), share activities on diversity, equity and inclusion done in other ALA units, and participate in MIG activities as much as possible. 



Mar 08, 2015 09:41 AM

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the invitation. This sounds like a great opportunity, but I have a few questions. What exactly is a MIG? And do you need to sign up to become a member of the group?

Would the work require attending Annual or Midwinter? Would work be done virtually?


Thanks for any info that you can share!


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