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CMERIG 2017 Annual Session Slides 

Jun 30, 2017 07:16 AM

The Band-Aid Approach: Providing Access to Locally Hosted Perpetual Access

Sunshine Carter, Electronic Resources Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries

Figuring out how to handle post-cancellation access can be a daunting task.  Hear about an informal approach being tested at the University of Minnesota Libraries to provide both discovery and access for acquired data sets, PDF documents and post-cancellation access.

Internet Archive: Ideas for Proactive and Patron-Friendly Use

Susan J Wishnetsky, Assistant Collections Librarian, Northwestern University

When open access titles, small society newsletters, or government agency publications disappear from their web sites, we know that Internet Archive is likely to have saved a backup, often with all the content still available and intact.  Instead of suppressing our catalog records and directing patrons to the Wayback Machine to perform another search, why not use Internet Archive’s links to make the process seamless for our patrons?  And with Internet Archive’s “Save Page Now” feature, we can also make sure that vulnerable content is captured before it’s too late, helping to ensure its preservation for the future.

Workarounds for Post-Cancellation Access Rights and Records in Electronic Resource Management Tools

Christina Geuther, Electronic Resources Librarian & Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

Electronic resource management tools were not built for cancellations, but adding to collections.  In an environment of cuts and cancellations, metadata and acquisitions departments at Kansas State University put their heads together to activate perpetual access for electronic collections, provide for their record discovery when it was no longer hosted, and document the status within the Ex Libris Alma system.  In a few cases, the consortial agents of license agreements were by this time defunct.  The librarians tracked down paper trails from a ten year period, at a time when licenses were just starting to include post-cancellation rights language.


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