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CMERIG 2017 Midwinter Session Slides 

Feb 03, 2017 09:56 AM

Master Agreements with Master Agreements

Corey S. Halaychik, Assistant Professor & Head, Acquisitions & Continuing Resources, University of Tennessee Libraries 

Are you tired of contracts sitting in review for weeks or months?  Do you worry that access will be cut off? Learn how the UT library and administration have designed and used institutional master agreements to improve contract review, which has made the contract process more effective and efficient for libraries, contract offices, and the vendors.

 Tactics for Tackling Title Transfers

Susan Davis, Interim Head of Acquisitions, University at Buffalo

This presentation will describe several tactics that can be employed to help manage those pesky changes of publishers that didn’t matter so much with print. Yes, the dreaded spreadsheet is still useful, but we can also look to TRANSFER for help!

 Providing E-Textbooks for Students: Acquisitions and Workflow Issues

Beth Bernhardt, Assistant Dean for Collection Management and Scholarly Communications, UNC Greensboro

In the Fall of 2016 the University Libraries at UNC Greensboro received a grant that provided funds to purchase e-textbooks from the adoption course textbook list.  This was an extensive project that took many hours and staff members to achieve.  This lightning talk will address the issues such as acquiring the titles, linking issues, workflow issues and how we communicated the purchases to faculty and students.

 Massaging ERM Workflows

Xiaocan (Lucy) Wang, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Missouri Southern State University

This presentation will describe how a cloud-based library services platform can be used to transform workflows throughout the e-resource life cycle. Topics covered will be:  unifying dispersed ERM activities, creating customized workflows for specific collections, establishing/clarifying the responsibilities for individual processes, engaging and training library staff, and streamlining ERM through collaboration between departments.

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