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JOB POSTING: The U.S. Geological Survey Library Map Librarian

  • 1.  JOB POSTING: The U.S. Geological Survey Library Map Librarian

    Posted Oct 26, 2021 02:23 PM
    The United States Geological Survey is seeking candidates for a GS 9/12 Map Librarian.

    The USGS Library is recognized as one of the world's largest earth sciences libraries, providing research support services, print and electronic collections, and expertise that are essential to supporting the U.S. Geological Survey's science mission. The Library provides bureau-wide access to more than 800 scholarly electronic journals, and holdings including 1,500,000 volumes, 750,000 maps, more than 500,000 historical photos, and over 30,000 field record collections. The incumbent performs a variety of library services in support of developing the library's map collection, preserving its unique attributes and subsequent value, and providing essential science support to USGS researchers. 

    The salary range for this position is from $60,129 to $113,362 dependent on GS level equivalent experience.

    The advertisement runs from 10/22 to 10/28 and can be viewed here:

    Li Sheng (Lily)
    USGS Library Program