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Catalog Management Interest Group Program at 2011 ALA Annual

  • 1.  Catalog Management Interest Group Program at 2011 ALA Annual

    Posted Jun 08, 2011 11:00 AM

    Catalog Management Interest Group invites your participation in our program at the 2011 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. There will be four presentations for our program.

    Time:  Saturday, June 25th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

    Location: Marriott at Convention Center – in New Levee room

    Creating a Gem: Preparing Metadata for a Faceted Catalog

    Beth Picknally Camden, Goldstein Director of Information Processing, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
    Katia Strieck, Head, Non-Print Cataloging, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

    The University of Pennsylvania Libraries has recently released a beta version of their ‘next-generation’ Franklin catalog ( based on open-source software. In preparation for this implementation, they completed an environmental scan to determine the most popular facets and how they were defined in other catalogs. After selecting their main facets (Access, Format, Subject, Language, Library, Publication date, Classification, Author/Creator, Specific location), they embarked on several months of metadata clean-up. The presentation will cover the range of techniques used for metadata clean-up and how this will help in their future implementation of Kuali OLE.

    Merging SIRSIDynix Item Types at Troy University

    Ruth Elder, Cataloging Librarian, Troy University Library
    Erin E. Boyd, Cataloging/Reference Librarian, Troy University - Montgomery
    Olga Knyaz, Technical Services Librarian, Troy University – Dothan

    In 2005, the three Alabama campuses of Troy University became one unified university with a shared library catalog. As separate institutions, each campus library had established item types and home locations in SIRSIDynix that defined their own collections. When the campuses merged, nothing was done to ensure these item types and home locations were consistent, thus making uniform statistical reports for the university library difficult.  In 2009, new catalogers were hired on each campus. They have worked diligently to make the cataloging and cataloging workflow as uniform as possible. This year the library dean asked that the item type and home location discrepancies be resolved to create a more uniform system. This presentation will discuss the steps being taken to streamline the catalog - the item types and home locations that best describe all campus library collections.  

    Does Catalog Management belong in Circulation?

    Helen Goldman, Monographic Services Coordinator for Auburn University Libraries
    Anthony (J.P.) Pendleton, Head of Circulation for Auburn University Libraries

    When the Auburn University Libraries’ Technical Services Units of Cataloging and Acquisitions decided to combine in 2010, there was an office space issue that would be a deal breaker. Catalog Management staff required more workflow staging space than could be accommodated in the projected room designs. Taking inspiration from a trip to Duke University, the Monographic Services Coordinator suggested transferring the Catalog Management staff and their administrative reporting lines to Circulation. The Head of Circulation and the Library Administration agreed to try this arrangement.  In the (almost) year that followed the decision, there have been what one librarian referred to as “unexpected consequences”. Was it a good idea?  Why did we think it would be? Does Catalog Management belong in Circulation?

    Procuring the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) and Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (TGM) Databases

    Nate Cothran, Product Manager, Automation, Backstage Library Works
    Jim Kuhn, Head of Collection Information Services, Folger Shakespeare Library
    Deborah J Leslie, Head of Cataloging, Folger Shakespeare Library

    This presentation will focus on the background behind procuring the RBMS & TGM databases with the help of librarians from different libraries and institutions such as Folger, University of Texas at Austin, University of Mississippi, MIT and UCLA.  The presentation will explain the conversion of the data into a useable and searchable MARC format and how Backstage Library Works worked closely with Folger to iron out issues such as listing matching criteria (655 _7 $2 rbgenr, etc), statistics of the data as well as its usage. The presentation will also cover how these two databases are freely available to all existing authority control clients.

    Annie Wu
    Chair, Catalog Management Interest Group
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