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Library BoF at DrupalCon Portland?

  • 1.  Library BoF at DrupalCon Portland?

    Posted May 06, 2013 12:20 PM

    I know a couple of library people are going to DrupalCon in Portland in a week or two.

    Looks to me like a great opportunity to get together and talk shop. So how about if we organize a Drupal4Lib BoF -- maybe on the Wednesday (5/22) sometime mid-day or in the early afternoon?

    Topics could be open or suggested ahead of time. People could present projects they're working on, ask whatever questions they want. It'd be a great time!

    Feel free to leave a suggestion here or email me back.

    Is this a good general time to meet? Do you have a topic you'd want to suggest? Any feedback is appreciated! And hope to see you in Portland!

  • 2.  RE: Library BoF at DrupalCon Portland?

    Posted May 07, 2013 09:13 AM

    First thanks for all the enthusiastic replies!  I wanted to get some feedback on two possible time-slots (10:45a-12p or 3:15p-4:30p) so I set up a poll at the Drupal Library Group:

    Poll: Drupal4Lib BoF - 10:45a-12p or 3:15p-4:30p?

    I'm okay with either time but maybe people have a preference?

    Thank you again and I'm really looking forward to this!