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ALCTS Midwinter Games!

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    Posted Jan 15, 2014 01:00 PM

    ALA Midwinter 2014 is just around the corner, so get in the spirit and test your ALCTS knowledge with the ALCTS Trivia Contest! And then, while you're in Philadelphia, have even more fun by participating in the ALCTS Photo Scavenger Hunt! Read on for details.

    Trivia Contest
    Starting this Wednesday, January 15th, and going through Wednesday, January 22nd, ALCTS will tweet one trivia question per day at 2pm EST and you'll have until midnight (EST) to submit your answer. In addition, there will be an extra bonus question asked on both Saturday and Sunday at 6pm EST which you'll need to answer before midnight (EST). The correct answer for each question will be posted the following day along with the next trivia question.

    For each question, the first 15 people to reply with the correct answer and hashtags will have their names put in a drawing to win one of many fabulous prizes (i.e. if you are one of the first 15 to answer correctly for every question, your name will be put in 10 times; however, you can only win one prize). The drawing will be held at the ALCTS New Member Interest Group meeting at Midwinter, but you need not be present to win. Prizes will be redeemed through Julie Reese in the ALCTS Office.

    To play, follow ALCTS at and use the hashtags #alamw14 and #alctsmw14. You could win:

    • Grand Prize: Four-night hotel stay during the 2014 ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas
    • 2nd Place: Free individual registration for all ALCTS webinars held between Feb. 1, 2014 - Aug. 31, 2014
    • 3rd Place: $225 ALCTS Continuing Education Certificate to use towards one ALCTS Pre-conference, two ALCTS Web Courses, or six ALCTS Webinars
    • 4th Place: One Complete Set of the Sudden Selectors Guides
    • 5th Place: Breakfast with the three ALCTS Presidents (past, present, future) and ALCTS Executive Director at the 2014 Annual Conference

    Photo Scavenger Hunt
    Running from Saturday through Monday of Midwinter (Saturday, 1/25 – Monday, 1/27) you can score points by snapping photos of all the great people, places, and things going on around you. Programs, meetings, booths, authors, Philadelphia landmarks, and even fellow ALA-ers are on our daily photo lists. Score the most points and you can win from our collection of fabulous prizes. You could win:

    • Grand Prize: (1 winner) 2014 ALA Midwinter Registration Reimbursement
    • 2nd Place: (2 winners) $75 ALA Store Voucher
    • 3rd Place: (3 winners) ALCTS Membership Voucher for one year
    • 4th Place: (4 winners) ALCTS CE Certificate Good for one free individual registration to an ALCTS Webinar
    • 5th Place: (5 winners) $10 Starbucks Gift Card

    How to Play

    • Snap photos of items from the posted lists each day
    • Post your photos to Flickr, TAG them with #alamw14 and #alctsmw14
    • Join the ALCTS at Midwinter 2014 Flickr Group and ADD your photos to the group
    • You can submit photos from a previous day's list to collect HALF the points
    • Points will be given based on the DATE TAKEN date in Flickr
    • All photos must be easily identifiable (i.e. photos of people should include name badges, photos of places should include distinguishing features or signs, etc.)

    The list of daily items to be photographed will be posted to the Flickr group discussion board by 8:30am EST each day. Winners will be decided by point totals and any ties will be broken by random drawing. All photos must be posted and added to the ALCTS Midwinter 2014 group by Tuesday the 28th at midnight EST. Winners will be announced shortly after Midwinter and prizes will be redeemed through Julie Reese in the ALCTS Office.