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Institutional diversity efforts - share and discuss?

  • 1.  Institutional diversity efforts - share and discuss?

    Posted Sep 19, 2016 02:38 PM


    I just wanted to quickly reach out and engage the wisdom of our community regarding diversity efforts. At my institution, we are just kicking off a Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. Part of my contribution to this initial stage is a benchmarking effort - developing some awareness of what other libraries are currently doing in this area, and what they have found effective.


    This has been an interesting exercise, because while I'm intimately familiar with diversity recruitment and development efforts within the profession, I am less aware of efforts that expand to the library patron population and connect to the campus community writ large. So far, I've done some very cursory searching and collecting of resources available on the web (and am happy to share what I have so far if you'd like!). But given that I know so many folks actively involved in diversity programs and efforts, I'd be remiss not to ask advice of colleagues like you. 


    Some of the kinds of helpful things I've discovered so far include diversity action plans, strategic plans that incorporate diversity efforts, and web content that details the history and coordination of diversity efforts at given institutions. But I'm also interested in learning more generally about programming and ad hoc efforts that could be exchanged more casually. Any kind of advice is welcome at this stage. I think there's a really broad spectrum of input that could help chart our path. 


    Anyhow, any advice or documentation you're willing to share would be much appreciated! We could start a public discussion here, or feel free to contact me personally (nikdragovic@gmail.com) if you prefer.


    All the best,



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    Posted Sep 19, 2016 03:53 PM

    Hey Nik,

    I haven't had a chance to go through the list yet, so I'm not sure how pertinent it is, but I did just read about this collection of efforts by ARL libraries to promote inclusion. Could be a good source if you hadn't seen it already. http://www.arl.org/component/content/article/3940

    Teresa Schultz

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    Posted Sep 22, 2016 12:35 PM

    Hi, Nik,

    There are some pretty exciting things happening at my institution: http://diversity.mit.edu. The office that presents this web site, ICEO (Institute Community & Equity Office) is only 2 years old or so. They are doing amazing things for the whole campus. 

    I believe that you'll be able to see the web site for the Libraries' Committee on the Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion (http://libguides.mit.edu/diversity) which pre-dates the above office. You can also find our "statement of diversity" on this page: http://libraries.mit.edu/about/.

    Lisa Horowitz

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    Posted Sep 26, 2016 02:06 PM

    Hi Nik, 

    Here at PSU, we are very interested in supporting diverse communities on campus and increasing opportunities for equity and inclusion. The PSU population is more diverse than the city of Portland itself, which historically has been very white and very exclusionary to minorities. We have diversity and equity written into both the University's strategic plan as well and the library's strategic plan. So far, our biggest accomplishments have been 1. Partnering with other organizations to come in and train our staff (such as the QRC, Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion and the Disability Resource Center) 2. Adopting an equity lens which we use to assess policies and procedures and, 3. Including diversity and equity initiatives into our strategic plan and annual plans. Would happily discuss this issue further, as personally it's a top priority for me and one of my current research topics.