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Resolutions for the 2021 Virtual Midwinter Council Meetings

  • 1.  Resolutions for the 2021 Virtual Midwinter Council Meetings

    Posted 22 days ago
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    The following message is sent on behalf of Mike Marlin, chair, of the ALA Resolutions Committee




    Attached are Guidelines for preparing and submitting Resolutions, Memorials, and Tributes to come before the ALA Virtual Council Meetings on Sunday, January 24th (Council I), January 25 (Council II), and Tuesday, June 26th (Council III).  Any councilor, with seconder, may offer a resolution for consideration at the Virtual Council Meeting provided the resolution has been reviewed by the ALA Resolutions Committee.  All resolutions must be received by the ALA Resolutions Committee at  at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the calling of a virtual meeting to order.  This deadline ensures that final resolutions will be posted by the Council Secretariat (Marsha Burgess  within twenty-four (24) hours of the calling of a virtual meeting to order.


    When preparing a resolution for submission to the Resolutions Committee for consideration, please also fill out the Resolution e-Form available  at  Although in some cases some components of the e-form may not be applicable, please try to be as complete as possible. Any information you provide will help to expedite the resolution process.


    To allow other Councilors time to consider your resolution, please post your proposed resolution as a "Document" to the Council list, and


    Questions and concerns about Resolutions, Memorials and Tributes can be addressed to Mike Marlin, chair, Resolutions Committee, via  The Resolutions Committee will review all moved and seconded resolutions and may suggest changes to the form and language of a Resolution, Memorial or Tribute for clarity and to assist the body in its consideration. 


    Special Announcement :

    Year-long Submission of ALA Resolutions


    Resolutions intended for either ALA Council or ALA Membership Meetings may be submitted to the ALA Resolutions Committee ( throughout the calendar year. Upon their satisfactory review and any ensuing communication necessitated by questions or clarifications from the committee, those resolutions will be inventoried and placed in queue  for posting to the agenda of the next respective Council or Membership meeting.


    Special Invitation:

    Please join the Council Orientation Committee for Tune In Tuesdays with a session featuring members of the Resolutions Committee devoted to the ALA resolutions process: January 5, 2021, 3:00 PM Central (Login Details Forthcoming)


    For more detailed information regarding how to prepare resolutions, please visit: 


    For more information about the 2021 Virtual Council Meetings:


    Mike Marlin

    Resolutions Committee, Chair