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Stories Needed: ALCTS News

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    Posted Apr 27, 2017 08:21 PM

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    publish! with ALCTS

    Stories Needed: ALCTS News

    ALCTS News (

    HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Are you an ALCTS member and have interesting news to share with the wider ALCTS community? The editorial team at ALCTS News wants to help you make that happen – contact them at!

    Featured ALCTS News columns:

    My ALCTS Experience

    This is a regular column that highlights the experience of one of our members. Possible topics to cover include: How did you discover ALCTS? What has your experience with ALCTS been like so far? Has ALCTS helped you get a job? Has ALCTS helped you on the job? Have you made awesome networking/mentoring/peer contacts through ALCTS? Do you have any advice for other ALCTS members?

    If you’re interested in being featured, would like to nominate someone else who might be interested, or have questions/comments/cool ideas, please contact Shanna Hollich at And check out the recent feature on Lisa Spagnolo at

    Focus on Committees and Interest Groups

    “Focus on Committees and Interest Groups” is a monthly column that gives an in-depth look at a featured ALCTS committee or interest group. Chairs: this is a great way to promote your group beyond the brief descriptions on the main ALCTS web site. It’s also a nice venue for letting everyone know what you are working on in advance of the annual meetings. New Members: as you’re considering how to get more involved in ALCTS, take a look at this column for ideas about where you might be able to help!

    To feature your committee or interest group in this column, please contact Anna Neatrour at See the story on the CaMMS Subject Analysis Committee at