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    Posted 13 days ago
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    Hello Councilors.

    I am excited to be sharing a resolution looking to move ALA Conferences to being carbon neutral. Currently the Association has been doing excellent work towards the goal and I am hoping this can help get us all there. I would appreciate your consideration of the attached and welcome questions and comments at this, or any, time.

    Matthew Bollerman, Chief Executive Officer
    Hauppauge Public Library
    (631) 979-1600 x.217


  • 2.  RE: Document

    Posted 13 days ago
    This resolution looks great and I'll be happy to support it. Thank you for your work on this.


    Keturah Cappadonia
    Outreach Consultant
    Southern Tier Library System

  • 3.  RE: Document

    Posted 9 days ago
    Hi Matthew,

    I shared this with the executive board of the Intellectual Freedom Round Table and received this comment in response:

    It's a good resolution, but I wonder if it might be more effective to start moving towards hybrid in person/digital meeting models going forward, or to reduce the frequency of conferences altogether.   Are these activities ALA is pursuing, and if so, should they be included in the language of the resolution?


    Martin Garnar
    IFRT Councilor

    Martin Garnar (he/him/his)
    Director, Amherst College Library
    Chair, ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee

  • 4.  RE: Document

    Posted 6 days ago
    Martin and Members of the IFRT Executive Board,

    Thank you for the feedback on the resolution being proposed.

    I brought back your comments to the authors and seconders and all felt this resolution was not about the kind, frequency and models of meetings, but about how meetings, when conducted could be done so with less impact. People like to get together, and if that can be with less of a carbon footprint, we think that is better for all.

    Matt Bollerman, SustainRT Councilor

    Matthew Bollerman
    Chief Executive Officer
    Hauppauge Public Library

  • 5.  RE: Document

    Posted 8 days ago
    Edited by Matthew Bollerman 8 days ago
    The Resolutions Committee has reviewed the resolution and I am attaching their updates. Also the list of seconders has been updated. Please keep the questions, comments, concerns and support coming.

    Matthew Bollerman
    Chief Executive Officer
    Hauppauge Public Library