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Purpose: Provides connectivity between publishers, libraries, and vendors. We strive to bridge gaps in communication among these groups by supplying ongoing training opportunities, hosting discussion groups, and presenting information on current and future trends through ALA programs and eforums.

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  • 1.  PVLR Forum

    Posted Jan 14, 2010 10:32 AM

    Posted by Liz Lorbeer,


    PVLR Forum


    Monday, January 18, 2010, 8-10 am

    Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Room 157C



    Innovation By Necessity: The economy is not bringing good news these days, but there can be interesting outcomes when organizations are pushed out of their routine procedures and workflows. Throughout the library materials supply chain, we’re providing content and services that we’ve always provided, but in new and different ways.




    Beth Bernhardt/UNC-Greensboro: Maintaining traditional collection development, but also pursuing patron-driven purchasing of eBooks via MyiLibrary, Rittenhouse's R2 and other platforms.


    Lindsey Schell/University of Texas-Austin: UT Austin is exploring options for increasing the universe of available content for our patrons while simultaneously trimming collections budgets. We are doing this through a series of initiatives such as a Pay-per-view eBook program with EBL, developing a patron-driven print approval plan and adjusting technical services workflows to accommodate for decreased staffing and eliminate unnecessary tasks.


    Judy Luther/Informed Strategies: The university presses at NYU, Rutgers, Temple and Penn have received a grant from the Mellon Foundation and have engaged three consultants as a team to evaluate the potential for a collaborative business model and a branded consortium to sell university presses eBooks.  The growing demand for eBooks and market changes are prompting the presses to assess options for a sustainable plan that will serve the changing needs of libraries and researchers.


    Hester Campbell/YBP: How are vendors changing in response to changes happening at their suppliers and customers? As the economy tightens, how does publisher retooling impose change on vendors? On the other side of the equation, as libraries deal with repurposing staff and shifting their acquisitions dollars from print to E, how does that bring change to their vendors? In the middle, vendors seek to continue to provide efficient and valuable services for their publisher partners and library customers.


    And then we want to hear from you – we hope that these presentations will generate questions for our speakers, but also discussion from you about the kinds of supply-chain/materials acquisitions changes you’re facing in your organizations.


    PVLR will also hold its regular planning meeting Saturday afternoon, 4-5:30 pm, at the Convention Center, Room 206B. Please come prepared to discuss a couple of the most important issues facing your organization (in terms of creating, selling, or acquiring library materials), and we’ll sort out a topic for the Annual meeting in DC.


    See you all there!





    Ann-Marie Breaux (Chair, PVLR)

    Vice President, Academic Service Integration

    YBP Library Services

    Phone/fax: (678) 445-5720  vmail: (800) 258-3774 x3504