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Call for book chapter proposals: Transforming technical services through training and development

  • 1.  Call for book chapter proposals: Transforming technical services through training and development

    Posted Mar 18, 2021 04:30 PM

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     Call for Book Chapter Proposals

    Title: Transforming technical services through training and development

    Publisher:  ALA Editions

    Intended audience: technical services managers, coordinators of library staff training programs, and trainers

     Proposal submission deadline: March 30, 2021


    Technical services departments are increasingly expected to do more with less, whether because of shrinking budgets, staff turnover, a lack of visibility, or insufficient understanding of their work on the part of administrators. Today's next gen catalogs, changing cataloging rules, and diverse formats and delivery models demand that technical services professionals and paraprofessionals keep up with evolving best practices for the work they do. Finding a balance between meeting service demands and developing staff knowledge and skills is challenging, just as it is challenging to develop training programs and find experienced trainers and motivate staff to learn new skills. In this way, libraries are not unlike other organizations trying to stay effective, innovative, responsive and competitive in changing times. Like these organizations, libraries can adopt methods for developing a learning culture, incorporating formal and informal staff development into the everyday work of their employees, and using learning to continuously improve service delivery.

     This book will examine training and development methods from instructional design, Lean management, Training Within Industry (TWI) and other models, and it will offer practical tools and case studies to help technical services managers to create training materials, organize and assess training programs and motivate staff to engage in learning.

     This book is expected to be separated into two broad sections.

    Section 1 Learning theory and its application to technical services training

    • Using theories of adult learning in technical services training
    • Applying instructional design best practices to technical services training
    • How to apply the Training Within Industry (TWI), Lean management, and other business and manufacturing approaches to training in technical services
    • How to create a training plan and track staff learning

    Section 2 Case studies of technical services training projects or programs

    • Training and retraining of technical services staff due to system migration or availability of new technology
    • Training and retraining technical services staff due to organizational restructuring or changing focus of the department
    • Tools used to track the acquired skills and training progress
    • Assessment used to measure success of training programs in technical services
    • Managing staff expectations and staff attitude towards training and learning new skills.
    • Overcoming staff resistance to training and learning new skills

     Proposals should be submitted through this online form - https://forms.gle/z94SU5hWeKHBX4AP6   and should include

    • Author name(s)
    • Institutional affiliation(s) and position title(s) and short, two sentence biography
    • Proposed chapter title
    • Submission description, i.e. application of theory, case study, survey, etc.
    • Summary of the proposed chapter section (250-500 words)

     Important dates

    Proposal submission deadline - March 30, 2021

    Authors of selected proposals will be notified by  April 30, 2021

    Draft full chapters are expected by  July 30, 2021

    Editor feedback to authors by September 15, 2021

    Author final revisions to chapters due November 15, 2021


    Full chapter word counts will range from 2,500-4000 words.

    Proposed chapters should be unique to this publication – no materials that were previously published or simultaneously submitted to another publication.

     If you have any questions about the book or proposal submission process,  feel free to contact Sofia Slutskaya at sofia.slutskaya@emory.edu  or Marlee Givens marlee.givens@library.gatech.edu

    Sofia Slutskaya
    Head, Resource Description
    Emory University Library