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"Additional instructions on names of person" and navigational/design issues

  • 1.  "Additional instructions on names of person" and navigational/design issues

    Posted Mar 05, 2021 11:40 AM

    I would like to be able to cite the instructions on how to formulate the [authorized access for point for person] when the [name of person] consists of two or more parts.

    There is an Option given on the element page of [authorized access point for person]: "Apply the general instructions at 'Additional instructions on names of person'". However, the hyperlink to "Additional instructions on names of person" doesn't link anywhere. Does anyone know of an alternative path?

    Separately but related, is there a central place to raise navigational and design issues in the RDA Toolkit? According to the Contact Us page, the scope of the rdatoolkit@ala.org  doesn't list navigation/design issues, and the co-publisher contacts seem too regionally specific.


    May Chan
    Head, Metadata Services
    University of Toronto Libraries

  • 2.  RE: "Additional instructions on names of person" and navigational/design issues

    Posted Mar 05, 2021 12:48 PM
    I don't see the additional instructions on the page for Person: name of person, so I'm not sure where that link was supposed to lead.

    However, you should be aware that RSC is removing all instructions describing string encoding schemes (such as how to formulate an authorized access point) out of element descriptions.  Since different communities might want to use different encoding schemes to formulate names and other strings, that will become part of the application profiles and policies of the various communities using RDA.

    Stephen McDonald
    Digital Initiatives Librarian
    Tufts University

  • 3.  RE: "Additional instructions on names of person" and navigational/design issues

    Posted Mar 05, 2021 01:03 PM
    Hello, May,

    Thank you for raising this. The broken link that you found would have linked to what is in Appendix F in the original Toolkit, which has instructions for specific languages. The link is broken because this is a very active area of development that the RSC is working on even as I type. These language-specific instructions are moving into the Community Resources area in the Resources tab. Some instructions can be seen there now, but more will be published in the April release.

    The general instructions for names consisting of two or more parts have been subsumed into the instructions that follow in authorized access point for person: surnames, compound names, prefixes, etc.

    I highly recommend using the "Submit feedback" button in the top right corner of the Toolkit to raise navigation and design (and other Toolkit) issues. This directly reaches Toolkit staff and is not regionally specific.

    Best -- Linda

    Linda Barnhart, Secretary, RDA Steering Committee
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