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List of soft-deprecated RDA elements

  • 1.  List of soft-deprecated RDA elements

    Posted Feb 26, 2021 05:03 AM

    On February 2, 2021 Stephen McDonald suggested in message 31 of the discussion on "Other title information and more in the official Toolkit" that it would be useful to publish a list of RDA elements that have a recommended alternative in the RDA Toolkit.

    These are "soft-deprecated" legacy elements that seem to be redundant or unnecessary following the implementation of the IFLA Library Reference Model LRM). The RDA Toolkit includes a recommended option for each of these elements to use another, more suitable element. The RDA Steering Committee will review these elements in due course, after RDA communities become familiar with the new Toolkit and can advise on their continuing utility.

    A list of these elements has now been published in the RDA Registry:

    Alignment from soft-deprecated to recommended elements

    The alignment is a simple spreadsheet file that lists the 91 elements that are soft-deprecated with the elements that are recommended substitutes.

    As Stephen suggests, policy statements and application profiles may wish to avoid using a soft-deprecated element so that data does not have to be processed down the line if RSC decides to fully deprecate the element and remove it from the Toolkit.

    As previously noted, these elements can be found in the Toolkit by searching for the standard phrase: "The following option is recommended".

    Gordon Dunsire