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[alacoun] ​​ALA Financial Planning: 2020 and Beyond

  • 1.  [alacoun] ​​ALA Financial Planning: 2020 and Beyond

    Posted Jan 29, 2020 11:33 AM
    A reduction in conference cost to support the work of Council.

    A reduction in our environmental impact.

    Addressing issues/passing resolutions in "real time" and in a more timely manner than twice a year.

    Providing more "real-time" information from our board and administration.

    A streamlining of debating/passing resolutions, etc. throughout the year rather letting them pile up.

    A cost savings to Councilors by only having to attend in person once a year unless they would like to attend the conference for professional development/enrichment/work of committees.


    I DO think it is beneficial to meet face-to-face as a body and would still support meeting at Annual Conference.  I just think that in this time of economic crisis, we all need to balance our responsibilities as councilors with alternative solutions to accomplish the same work.


    For what it is worth!

    Susan Jennings

    TN Chapter Councilor